Chris Anu and Sako to blame for the demise of the Field Marshal 0

Cameroon Concord News Group is against the five year old Biya military actions in Southern Cameroons. The war in Southern Cameroons has claimed the lives of thousands of English speaking Cameroonians. But the blame for this month’s bloodshed in Lebialem County that resulted in the martyr of the great leader of the Red Dragons lies solely at the feet of Chris Anu and Sako Ikome.

This is not an attempt to divert attention from the war crimes committed by the Francophone dominated military in Southern Cameroons. But this is a serious matter involving two so-called frontline Ambazonia leaders and reveals how Chris Anu and Sako Ikome quickly saw an opportunity in the Southern Cameroons resistance movement.

Amba fighters are at their weakest point in the last five years. The front line leaders in the US are tired! Cho Ayaba and his ADF gang are in short supply of their tricks of informing Southern Cameroonians through social media that they could ‘do something’ while the Interim Government can not.

Chris Anu and Sako took over control of the renowned Field Marshal and exploited his bravery for their own selfish reasons and then threw him under the bus! The much respected Ambazonia commander and fighter with the support of Mr. Chris Anu and Sako Ikome transformed himself into a cult master so to speak expecting top Lebialem traditional leaders to bow in homage-at some point in time, he even installed himself as the supreme leader of Lebialem.

Chris Anu recruited the Field Marshal to his inner circle and spread lies and propaganda on social media, deliberately inciting distrust for the legitimate Ambazonia Interim Government headed by Vice President Dabney Yerima.  And even when the Field Marshal could no longer fight for Ambazonia, Chris Anu and Sako concocted war images and dished them out to the Ambazonia diaspora informing them that the Field Marshal was doing wonders and was on their pay roll and it allowed them to continue to collect money from the Southern Cameroons diaspora. Chris Anu and Sako remain dangerous for the people of Southern Cameroons and many like the Great Field Marshal failed to listen to our Cameroon Concord News warning that we cannot continue to be a conduit for their work.

Chris Anu is not fighting for Ambazonia; he and his former political acolyte Sako Ikome are encouraging war crimes to boost their political standing. Chris Anu and Sako are out of harm’s way. They leave their foot soldiers, often young and desperate men with no employment prospects in Ground Zero, to launch attacks against the Francophone dominated army guaranteeing a military response.

We of Cameroon Concord News and the Cameroon Intelligence Report have come under very vicious attack for reporting the facts and because the reporting out of Ground Zero is not honest. Pro Chris Anu and Sako comedians in Ground Zero tightly control all what is on social media and Southern Cameroons media houses have the choice of reporting the news the way Chris Anu or Cho Ayaba tells them to!

Cameroon Concord News thinks Southern Cameroonians are forced to choose among the corrupt, ineffectual ADF Cho Ayaba gang, the fanatical, genocidal Chris Anu Youtube group or the legitimate Ambazonia Interim Government of Vice President Dabney Yerima. Of course, this is largely an academic debate. There is only one real ‘choice’ – the Ambazonia Interim Government under the stewardship of Vice President Dabney Yerima. But there is another, more pressing issue than the depressing state of the Southern Cameroons revolution: the refusal to recognise the reality that Southern Cameroonians who can make things happen and threaten Yaoundé are all behind Yerima.

Five years have passed since President Biya declared war against the people of Southern Cameroons. Unfortunately many in French Cameroun, including President Biya, still deny the obvious truth that things will no longer be the same in Southern Cameroons.

Obsessing over the issue of who leads Southern Cameroons has been a disaster for the Ambazonia struggle: it has held back Southern Cameroons progress for generations and cost the Ambazonia people dearly. We are still far away from Buea – and we are not going anywhere. We have been blessed with men like Professor Carlson Anyangwe that could provide bountiful opportunities. Instead of focusing our limited resources on supporting Ground Zero fighters, our leaders have spent years fighting among themselves. The end of Field Marshal is an indication that Southern Cameroons has long past time for all Ambazonians to stop wasting energy on who leads and try to focus on the Federal Republic of Ambazonia agenda. Only then will we get to Buea.

By Chi Prudence Asong