CPDM Crime Syndicate: BEAC governor calls for vigilance against counterfeit banknotes 0

Only a few months after their release, forgers have already found a way to make the counterfeit versions of the new range of banknotes put into circulation on December 15, 2022.

Pending the dismantling of the counterfeiting network, Beac Governor Abbas Mahamat Tolli (pictured) called on the population to be more vigilant when handling these banknotes. “I invite users to be very careful every time they make transactions, and to make sure that the bills they receive are genuine”, he said at the end of the FY2023 third session of the Monetary Policy Committee (CPM), held on September 25 in Douala.

Abbas Mahamat Tolli pointed out that the new range of banknotes currently in circulation contains several security features that enable users to detect the real from the fake. “So far, there hasn’t really been a forgery that we’re afraid of. And the level of forgery is very minimal. People are not very vigilant”, he continued.

Indeed, the banknotes put into circulation on December 15 feature numerous security features, between nine and eleven in all, depending on the denomination. These features are visible and sometimes invisible to the naked eye. A special feature of these bills is that they can be identified by the visually impaired, thanks to tactile lines, which can be felt when touched, depending on the notes.

Source: Business in Cameroon