Did Southern Cameroons ever achieve independence by joining French Cameroun? 0

A review of UN General Assembly resolutions and other international legal principles regarding the right to self-determination shows incontrovertibly that Southern Cameroons became independent in 1961, but has since been recolonized and occupied by French Cameroun. The ongoing struggle to restore Southern Cameroons independence is therefore consistent with International Law, including the right to self-determination. The right to separate from La Republique du Cameroun is laid out under Principles VII and VIII of UNGA Resolution 1541 of December 15, 1960.

Besides, the obligation imposed by the UN that Southern Cameroons should obtain “independence by joining” either Nigeria or French Cameroun violated Article 76(b) of the UN Charter, and UNGA Resolution 1541; both of which reaffirm independence as the inherent and inalienable right of all colonies and Trust Territories.

So, when La Republique du Cameroun says Southern Cameroons is an integral part of its territory because they have been administered jointly for 57 years is lame and ridiculous. We remember that Ukraine and Russia separated despite sharing over 1,000 years of common history. Also, Southern Cameroons broke away from Nigeria in 1953 despite sharing 44 years of common history. Even if La Republique claims Southern Cameroons is only two of its ten regions, it cannot forget that Eritrea used to be the only Red Sea province of Ethiopia. That did not stop Eritrea from gaining independence.

Ambazonians are not buying the decentralization that Biya is selling as tangible reform under the 1996 Constitution because even regional autonomy makes the wrong assumption that Southern Cameroons is part of French Cameroun and not an illegally occupied and recolonized territory. It is a pity that the 85 year old President Biya misread Anglophone public opinion and chose to stand on the wrong side of history.