Dr Ikome Sako: Ambazonia’s corruption-plagued Acting president should resign 0

Presidency (1)Dr Samuel Ikome Sako is now a polarizing figure but lacks the ability to survive scandal after scandal that has rocked the Southern Cameroons Interim Government. There are presently strong calls for him to do the right thing which is simply to step down as Acting President.

Cameroon Concord News Group promised our readers a complete investigation on how Acting President Sako and the Secretary of the Economy, Tabenyang Brado spends Ambazonian money. We made that promise after we of this group told the world that Acting President Sako was still the right man for the difficult job.

Today, several lives are being lost in Southern Cameroons and also, the Ambazonia resistance is divided. Dr Samuel Ikome Sako should therefore come to the decision to resign as Acting President of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia with immediate effect.

Members of the Interim Southern Cameroons cabinet, the leadership of the Ambazonia Self-Defense Council and County Heads should follow this push from the Cameroon Concord News Group and elect a decent man to lead the Interim Government.

Dr Ikome Sako was once a popular and respected Southern Cameroons activist both in Nigeria and the USA, and was an ardent supporter of President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe from the very beginning of the revolution. But Sako’s leadership has been plagued by scandals, and his reputation for reckless spending has grown to become a political liability for the Ambazonian Interim Government and by extrapolation, the Southern Cameroons people.

We of the Cameroon Concord News Group are calling on Dr Ikome Sako to step down in order for a new leader to stop the systematic looting at the presidency under his rule. Our senior international correspondent in the USA leading the Interim Government investigation reported that the office of the Ambazonia presidency spent over 123,000 dollars from February 2018-December, 2018 from one of the Southern Cameroons government’s bank accounts –Ambazonia Consulting. Fingers have been raised for the Economy Secretary to provide details from the other accounts operated by the Interim Government.

From facsimiles of documents gotten via our intelligence sources in the US, Sako pays his rents, feeds his family and pay their bills with money meant for Ground Zero operations.  We understand, the Acting President even moved into a bigger and more expensive apartment citing “security concerns” and bought new furniture with Ambazonia money. Our cream of reporters working on the Sako presidency is yet to establish who actually approved that budget and project.

Details of how the Acting President uses rental cars as he pleases also featured on the Ambazonia bank statement from the Ambazonia Consulting account. Sako also spends weekends in hotels within the Washington DC area, and again cites security concerns for this.

One of Dr Sako acolytes, Irene Ngwa attempted a justification of Sako’s hotel spree observing that “sometimes the president receives intelligence that his life is in danger and he has to leave and lodge in a hotel without his wife even knowing where he is.”  This begs the question: Who provides Dr Sako with the intelligence that always prompts him to leave his family in the supposed dangerous environment, just to spend a weekend with his bodyguards in hotels?

From the evidence we have in front of us, Cameroon Concord News Group can now reveal that Sako swipes the Ambazonian government debit card at restaurants such as the popular one called ‘Kitchen Near You’ during his leisure outings! In one occasion, Dr. Atianjoh Fidelis paid half of Sako’s restaurant bills to save money for Ground Zero operations.

Funds from Louisiana and the UK were directed to the Ambazonia Consulting account by Dr Sako through his security head officer Dr. Tatah. They even changed the address of the account to Economy Secretary Tabenyang Brado’s dismay.

At the time of writing this editorial, a caller from the US State of California pointed to us that the Ambazonia Economy Secretary, Tabenyang Brado lied about a 300 dollar expenditure at Costco saying that Acting President Sako went there to make photocopies. The caller whose name we are withholding opined that Cotsco is a huge general merchandise just like Walmart and does not offer photocopy services.

We also gathered from a source deep within the Interim Government that a Webmaster,Willy Munji recently made some nasty confessions over an exchange of large amounts of cheques between Tabeyang Brado and Dr Helen Akonji.

Because of this gross incompetence and fraud, there is total disarray, and complete communication breakdown including divide and rule affecting even Ground Zero. Sako has lost the credibility and moral authority to lead the Southern Cameroons Interim Government.

We now know that the Interim Government is crumbling and nobody wants Sako to continue as the leader except his close friends in crime and a few good people who are unaware of his crimes including those gullible facilitators who are happy he’s sidelining the ASC and regional coordinators in their favor.

In Europe, the US, Canada as well as in the Republic of South Africa, most of the little support Sako still enjoys outside his immediate circle, is just from three groups namely: Pro-Interim Government supporters who cannot still distinguish between Samuel Ikome Sako and the Interim Government, pro-Interim Government supporters who believe in this inaccurate stereotype that we don’t change leaders during a revolution, and finally those Southern Cameroonians who fervently believe that everything Sako does is coming from President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe.

Acting President Sako should please go and go now!!

To this I put my name

Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai