Enablers with Biya regime should be ashamed of May 20 massive boycotts 0

The Vice President of the Ambazonia Interim Government Dabney Yerima has strongly condemned the continued detention of thousands of Southern Cameroonians in French Cameroun jails saying those who celebrated the so-called Special Status and are marketing the one and indivisible Cameroun slogan should be ashamed after the massive 20th May boycotts.

Vice President Dabney Yerima made the remarks in a conversation with Cameroon Concord News Group on Sunday in which he also stated that for over five years now, the people of Southern Cameroons have been witnesses to Biya French Cameroun crimes in their homeland.

Dabney Yerima told Cameroon Concord News Group editors and correspondents that “The first to be ashamed by this massive 20th May boycotts are all those Southern Cameroons CPDM officials who do not even have the courage to question Yaoundé on the whereabouts of their so-called Special Status. The first to feel shame and disgrace are the Southern Cameroons CPDM elites. Those who try to convince Ambazonians that the existence of the one and indivisible Cameroun is natural and Southern Cameroonians should live with it.”

Southern Cameroonians in Ground Zero recently boycotted the French Cameroun teleguided national day celebration.

Media reports said Cameroon government forces staged military parades in regional and divisional headquarters avoiding the rural areas that are under the control of Ambazonia Revolutionary Guards.

By Isong Asu