Father Christopher Eboka: Ambazonia Interim Gov’t says violence by criminal gangs is now unprecedented 0

Kidnap of Father Christopher Eboka in the Diocese of Mamfe

Fellow Ambazonians,

On Friday, 21 May 2021, unknown criminals abducted Father Christopher Eboka, a Priest in the Catholic Diocese of Mamfe. The perpetrators have since made contact, demanding a ransom of CFA 10 Million from the Catholic Church. The Interim Government of Ambazonia robustly condemns this reckless and ridiculous act and calls for those involved to release Father Christopher Eboka immediately without preconditions. The Interim Government has been briefed that the population of Mamfe has made a financial proposal to the kidnappers, but the criminals are holding out for more money. The Interim Government takes a strong view against paying ransoms to criminals.

After ten days of intense intelligence gathering and evaluation by Ambazonia Intelligence Services, the Interim Government of Ambazonia can confirm that the perpetrators of this dreadful crime are not associated with any legitimate self-defence group loyal to the Ambazonia cause. Instead, these criminals are profiting from the security vacuum currently in our country. The kidnapping of members of the clergy is unfortunate and unacceptable, which underscores the need for all the factions involved in the conflict to seek ways of reaching a peaceful resolution. Those who kidnap men of God are crossing a dangerous red line, and all God-fearing Southern Cameroonians must condemn this unreservedly.

The clergy in Southern Cameroon has played a significant role since the war in Ambazonia started in November 2017. We must not make enemies from our allies and sympathizers. All those fighting for the freedom of Ambazonia must commit to alleviating the suffering of our people, not organize activities that bring misery upon our communities. Religious institutions are indispensable parts of the Southern Cameroon structure, and any attack on their members and workers is an attack on Ambazonia.

The Interim Government of Ambazonia is committed to confronting and defeating the evil of kidnappings in Ambazonia. All self-defence groups are called upon to collaborate with the Interim Government to root out all rogue elements operating in our country. Our quest for self-determination will succeed if we do the right things. Unfortunately, kidnapping is not consistent with our state values.


Dabney Yerima,

Vice President,

The Federal Republic of Ambazonia