French Cameroun: Gunman kills seven villagers in Adamawa region 0

A gunman has attacked three villages in Cameroon’s mountainous region of Adamawa, killing seven people, an official said on Thursday.

Abbo Aboubakar, mayor of Belel municipality said, the man who is yet to be identified opened fire on villagers in Lesse Woka, Didjawa and Ngaoundamdji localities of the municipality.

“Four people died on Tuesday when the incident happened and three others died Wednesday in the hospital, three others are still in hospital,” Aboubakar said by phone.

Some of the villagers have fled the localities, afraid that the gunman, who villagers said was well armed, will return again, according to the official.

Cameroon shares a porous border in the region with Central African Republic (CAR) and rebels from CAR regularly crossed the boundary to attack Cameroonians, according to security reports.

In 2018, Cameroonian president Paul Biya deployed Special Forces to the region after abductions became rampant.

Source: Xinhuanet