Genocide in Southern Cameroons: Nigerian Spiritual leader says Ambazonian rural areas have become deserted 0

Bishop Emmah Isong disclosed how a man was recently shot despite pleadings that he was not a militant He said if the blood flow should not stop now, Cameroon might turn to another Rwanda. Emmah Isong, the national publicity secretary of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, on Thursday, May 11, alleged the killings of Nigerians in Southern Cameroon. Punch reports that Isong, who condemned the act in a statement issued regretted that his brother-in-law was one of the innocent persons recently killed by the Cameroonian gendarmes. He said, “There are so many killings in Cameroon especially the southern part. Last Friday in Ekondo Titi, some gendarmes moved into the villages and assassinated my brother-in-law in broad daylight, shooting at sight on any male or youth.

“The entire rural areas have become deserted. In one of the operations, they shot a man who was lying on a sickbed right on the chest, despite pleadings that he is not a militant. “Much innocent blood has been shed silently and my worries are not that I have lost a relation but my questions are- What is the government gaining by arbitrarily eliminating the lives of the young Cameroonians. “Can’t the governments of France, United Kingdom or the United States of America intervene in this genocide? Do we still have the role of the United Nations in defending the poor harmless English speaking citizens of a poor African nation?

“How long will this last and can’t the President Paul Biya-led government look for dialogue which the people are requesting? “If these people are accused of killing soldiers in retaliation, how many civilians can the soldiers then kill to avenge and who will help us count? Please, help Cameroon not to turn to another Rwanda please, please, please, the blood flow should stop now.”