Grand National Dialogue: Dion Ngute in Buea with same old rhetoric 0

The war in Southern Cameroons is demonstrating that there appears to be widespread concerns that something fundamental is wrong with the union with French Cameroun not only in terms of perceived political marginalization, but also in terms of socio-economic exclusion and ensuring justice in all spheres.

Few including Prime Minister Dion Ngute and the Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji maintain that nothing is wrong with the Republic of Cameroon and that all what is required is attitudinal change on the part of the political leadership.

For Southern Cameroonians, the United Republic of Cameroon experience simply needs a rebirth, a fundamental rebirth. While there appears to be widespread consensus about the need for separation in Ground Zero, there is a lack of consensus on the type of rebirth and the process of bringing about the desired change that will keep the two Cameroons together. Convening a Grand National Dialogue was advocated as one of the steps to be taken towards an attempt at fixing the problem with the two Cameroons.

Prime Minister, Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute now thinks that much progress has been made in the implementations of the recommendations of the Grand National Dialogue.

The pro Yaoundé Southern Cameroons political elite was addressing members of the committee charged with the follow-up of the implementations of recommendations of the Grand National Dialogue during their fifth session on August 11, 2023 in Buea.

According to Mr. Dion Ngute, President Biya has signed a couple of decrees and implemented many recommendations of the National Dialogue.

Dion told members of the corrupt CPDM committee that “Basic infrastructures are being rehabilitated; special funding was allocated in the 2023 finance law for the construction and development process. The funds were increased following the recent amendment of the said law signed by the Head of State. Major infrastructures such as the Limbe Deep Sea Port are ongoing; a lot of work has been done there.”

On a lighter note, Dion Ngute recommended that; “We therefore have to continue in our efforts towards a complete return to normalcy by maintaining our focus and believing on the commitments, to fulfill the aspirations of our people.”

The secretary general of the committee, Felix Mbayu, spoke on what has been achieved in terms of infrastructural development, employment and agricultural productivity.

The Grand National Dialogue can never be an automatic solution to the problems in Southern Cameroons. It remains a Francophone scheme designed to attract ordinary Southern Cameroonians to relate with Yaoundé.

We of the Cameroon Concord News Group think that Prime Minister Dion Ngute is part of the French Cameroun retrogressive force using the so-called Grand National Dialogue to take Southern Cameroonians backwards.

Prime Minister Dion is indeed a good example to demonstrate that practice does not make perfect.

By Asu Isong

London Bureau Chief

Cameroon Concord News Group