Hon. Lifaka and Chief Mukete offer civil servants a fresh begging bowl-The Agbaw-Ebai Debate 0

Cameroon Concord News London Bureau Chief, Isong Asu said “It is a shame that a senator of Chief Mukete’s standing could not boast of a life insurance policy that should enable his family to organize his funeral with the pump and pageantry that truly reflect the late Senator’s status.”

The situation is also true with the late Hon. Emilia Lifaka who moonlighted as Vice President of the Francophone dominated National Assembly. The Biya Francophone regime is cash-strapped and the CPDM has brought out a fresh begging bowl, calling on poor civil servants to contribute towards the burial of a Southern Cameroonian man and a woman many thought had carefully planned their exit from this country of sorrows and chaos.

Mr. Biya and his acolytes including Chief Mukete and Hon. Emilia Lifaka have been running the country like a private farm and they have been using the national treasury like their personal piggy bank. The Southern Cameroons conflict has taken a turn for the worse, with many citizens fleeing the war zone.

For 36 years, Mr. Biya and his gang have not built any world-class hospitals in his country, no good roads, and the country’s railway system has simply collapsed. For more than three decades, the narcissistic monarch has been using his country’s treasury as his personal ATM. When travelling abroad, Mr. Biya always has more than 50 persons in his entourage and all of these people are lodged in five-star hotels.

Noted for his incompetence and manipulation, Biya with the support of Mukete and Lifaka plunged his country into a deep economic crisis and a long civil war that has already resulted in the killing of some 7,000 Cameroonians, including young army soldiers.

Chief Mukete and Lady Lifaka knew they were on their way out, but they wanted to take the country down with them.

In this special edition of the AGBAW-EBAI DEBATE, we are asking our readers to make known their take on the CPDM begging bowl directed to poor civil servants towards the burial of Chief Mukete and Hon. Lifaka