Is Barrister Agbor Balla the new Judas Iscariot of Southern Cameroons? 0

The evidence is finally here:  Agbor Balla Nkongho is actually  working tirelessly to frustrate the struggle armed with staggering sums of money from LRC.  At this very moment he is living large in Hotel des Deputes in Yaoundé after covering thousands of kilometres recruiting and bribing Southern Cameroonians to join his evil enterprise.

Meanwhile Dr Fontem Neba, a man who was jailed alongside with him has had his ID confiscated and bank account frozen. Fontem cannot travel while Balla has not only an ID but even a passport and the resources to travel abroad as evidenced by his most recent trip across Africa.

So why is Fontem being punished and Balla rewarded ?

Why are they refusing to return the ID of Fontem but Balla has an ID and a passport ? Why is Fontem’s account frozen while Balla is overflowing with cash ? What was the excuse given by Balla when the prison guards found 6.5 million cfa on him?

Is it even credible that someone would give an inmate 6.5 million to buy a vehicle when the inmate doesn’t even know when he will be released ? Why did one of the interrogators in Nkondengui tell Fontem that HE, Fontem was the ONLY hard nut to crack implying that Balla was more understanding?

Is the offer that was tabled to Balla, Fontem and the others still available ? Who are the people who came from the presidency 2 days ago to coerce Fontem in Buea? Why did they not make a similar move towards Balla?

Why is Fontem not ousting Balla even though it is clear that both men see things differently ? Is Fontem safe? What is Balla planning ? What has he told LRC about Fontem ? We are living in dangerous times…Agbor Balla must be stopped


NB: This write-up was sent to our editorial desk by an anonymous source. We decided to publish it for the simple fact that Barrister Agbor Balla is no longer talking about BBC Mancho and the many other Southern Cameroons detainees.