Islamic Movement in Nigeria challenges govt. ban 0

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria has challenged a ban imposed by the Nigerian government in a Federal High Court. 

The court action challenging the banning of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria was filed at the Federal High Court Abuja by lawyers representing the movement. The lawyers said the order was hastily filed and granted, and that it violates the Nigerian constitution.

The Federal High Court had earlier granted an application by the Nigerian government banning the activities of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, and designating it a terrorist organization. In an announcement after the court order, the Nigerian chief of police said any protester arrested in connection with the movement would be prosecuted under the terrorism act. The team of lawyers representing the Islamic Movement in Nigeria wants the Federal High Court to intervene.

Supporters of leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibrahim al-Zakzaky, have been engaged in several protests demanding the release of the prominent cleric who has been in detention for close to four years in violation of a court ruling ordering his immediate release.

Members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria have time and again stressed that the Nigerian government is determined to portray a negative impression of the Islamic Movement in order to justify the continuous oppression and murder of its members. They have pledged to be peaceful no matter the level of provocation.

Source: Presstv