Killings in Southern Cameroons: Is the territory becoming a failed zone? 0

The resurgence of the activities of the ominous unknown gunmen in Southern Cameroons in the recent weeks is becoming worrisome.

Ever since Minister Paul Atanga Nji introduced his private militia known as the Atanga Nji Boys to help Cameroon government army soldiers in their fight against separatists, the unknown gunmen has become a phenomenon in the area and it is getting to an alarming height.

The inability of the Francophone dominated government in Yaoundé to unravel the mystery behind this or to unveil the real identity of the masterminds of these so-called unknown gunmen is not helping matters.

Cameroon Intelligence Report gathered that recently, there has been a blame game between the Francophone dominated security agencies and Ambazonia Restoration fighters.

While Yaoundé continues to point accusing fingers at the Southern Cameroons Self Defense Groups, the Ambazonia Interim Government including other front line groups have not minced words in their allegation that Cameroon government security agents in collaboration with some treacherous civil administrators and military leaders in Southern Cameroons are sponsoring the activities of the Atanga Nji Boys to disrepute, discredit and demonize the Southern Cameroons uprising.

A highly placed Cameroon government official contacted by this reporter but who sued for anonymity said that the festering insecurity in Southern Cameroons is politically motivated.

The modus operandi of these unknown gunmen in some instances like the attack on the Mamfe Divisional Hospital leaves members of the public more confused on who actually is behind the mysterious masquerade.

On Sunday, September 17, 2023, four innocent PAMOL workers were killed by unidentified gunmen. The armed men reportedly attacked the estate in Lobe, Ekondo-titi Subdivision in Ndian.

PAMOL Plantations in a statement made public on Monday, September 18, 2023, said the victims were Foin Ernest, a mechanic and his son Foin Marcel, Tiah Rita and Sakwe Olga wives of a Lobe Mill worker and a retired Research employee.

Could Ambazonia fighters truly be killing fellow folks as recently witnessed in Kumbo in Bui Division, Muea in Fako and now Ekondo titi in Ndian?

Who are truly the people behind the mysterious unknown gunmen?

Despite the narratives of both the Biya Francophone regime and the Dabney Yerima-led Ambazonia Interim Government, the fact remains that Anglophone Cameroon is burning! The fire is ragging so fast that if something is not done and done in a hurry to extinguish the inferno, the entire Southern Cameroons will soon be consumed.

In just one week unknown gunmen have killed people in Bamenda, Buea and Kumba including security agents on roadblocks.

The crisis in Southern Cameroons seems not to be cooling off!! There are lots of things still happening and another explosion of tensions is a possibility.

The consequences of the conflict are all over the place. The trust that used to be the population’s hallmark has simply evaporated given the atrocities that have taken place in the two English-speaking regions of the country.

Many children in rural parts of Southern Cameroons are still not going to school and this is creating a serious problem that will haunt the country in the future.

The crisis which started with protests by teachers and lawyers in 2016, has robbed the two English-speaking regions of the country of much-needed economic development, as many investors have simply fled the region with their investments.

Many Southern Cameroonians are now investing in East Cameroon as the war has proven that instability is not friendly with economic prosperity. Where violence exists, economic prosperity simply walks away, leaving the population in abject poverty.

The relocation of businesses has worsened the unemployment situation in the two English-speaking regions of the country and unemployment has a way of generating hardship and producing hardened criminals.

The Yaoundé government has the nasty habit of leaving things to time but time might never address the grievances of Southern Cameroonians who hold that they have been victims of marginalization and other forms of injustice.

If the violence that has hit the two regions like a ton of bricks must remain a thing of the past, the Yaoundé government must take certain appeasement measures which should help to prevent future conflicts.

One of such measures must be the institution of constant, frank and fruitful dialogue with the jailed Anglophone leaders which will help the government and the local communities to address issues in a timely manner so as to preempt any future misunderstanding.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai