Letter to Samuel Eto’o on the creation of a football hall of fame in Cameroon 0

Dear Mr. Eto’o,

This is to propose to you the creation of a Football Hall of Fame in Cameroon which will not only immortalize our football heroes and history but will also highlight the role some of our great footballers like you played in bringing joy and glory to our country.

Your name recognition and your convening power can help mobilize resources for this project. The proposal, if well-developed, could also go a long way in helping FECAFOOT to put the spotlight on those whose sacrifice and determination made Cameroonians proud.

I have been reading the stories of some of our greatest footballers and I strongly hold that such a rich history could be well-documented and marketed to young Cameroonians who may be interested in football or who may just want to know those who played for their country in the past. Seeing those faces on TV and other information platforms could remind many that some of our football heroes are still around, and that we are eternally grateful and indebted to them. 

Many Cameroonians have heard about Mbappe Samuel, Jean Moukoko (de Confiance) Toko Jean Pierre, Roger Milla, Mbida Gregoire, Kunde Emmanuel, Jean Manga Onguene and others who brought glory to our country, but as the years expire, many of these glorious stories also disappear just like our heroes of yesteryears. 

The notion of a Hall of Fame is purely American, but it could be copied and adapted to our context. This Hall of Fame could be a massive structure with sub-components such as conference centers, exhibition centers, a hotel, and archives where researchers can have up-to-date information on Cameroon’s football history.

Cameroon is a nation wherein the beautiful game is adored and anything regarding this game, which is more of a religion, can help to create jobs and opportunities for our youths who are so passionate about this game. The organization of an event such as “The Night of the Greats” will help to bring together some of our football living legends who have been forgotten for decades.

Such an event should also bring together advertisers, politicians and businesspeople who may see the event as a place for them to be in the spotlight which should, of course, come with a huge price tag. The spotlight is never cheap and FECAFOOT can use it to make money which could be invested in footballing activities across the country. 

FECAFOOT can put together a team of fine writers whose job will be to update documents and other information platforms relating to our football greats and heroes. This proposal could be a money spinner if well-developed and it could also bring a lot of hope to our youths whose love for the beautiful game is immeasurable.

Financial independence should be FECAFOOT’s long-term goal and events and proposals like this one should help the country’s football governing body to find new and innovative ways of achieving that independence.

I stand by for any details you may require to develop this idea.


Joachim Arrey