Press Release

Limbe, Monday, April 9, 2018: After its maiden edition in 2016 and following a break in 2017 due to
uncertainties from the ongoing Anglophone Crisis, the COURAGE IN JOURNALISM AWARDS is back. The
awards will be presented in a ceremony in Limbe on World Press Freedom Day, May 3, 2018.

Journalists, news organizations and journalism enthusiasts among the general public are requested to
nominate articles that fulfill the following criteria:

– Articles, blogs, broadcast and podcast clips published between May 4, 2017 and April 25, 2018;
– Articles, blogs, broadcast and podcast clips that demonstrate courage in newsgathering, courage
in the tone of narration and courage in the decision to have them published;
– Articles and blogs published in a newspaper or online, radio or TV broadcasts or podcasts:
– Entries that meet journalism standards;
– If none of the entries fulfill these conditions, awards may not be presented.

The following shall constitute the Panel of Judges:
– Alice Esambe Tatah: former CRTV journalist of Morning Safari fame;
– Hilary Kebila Fokum: Publisher/Editor of The Messenger and Yaounde Messenger;
– Gideon Taka: Emeritus Radio Cameroon/CRTV Editor and Station Manager and Journalism
– Victor Epie’Ngome: Emeritus Radio Cameroon/CRTV Editor-in-Chief, Director of Civil Initiatives
for Development with Integrity (CIDI) and Journalism Trainer

The Judges shall be assisted by Franklin Sone Bayen, Publisher of MEDIApeople and Journalism Trainer,
as Administration Secretary.
Entries may be nominated in the following ways:
– ONLINE ENTRIES: email the link(s) with name of author(s) and news organization
– NEWSPAPER: scan the entire article(s) and email with name of author(s), issue reference (date
and serial no.);
– RADIO/TV: email uploaded clip or link or post CD/DVD to the Jury as follows:
– South West: Victor Epie’Ngome (677524478/654741961)
– North West: Gideon Taka (694126830/650072258)
– Yaounde: Alice Esambe Tatah (673026370)
Hilary Kebila Fokum (677339858/696847781)
Franklin Sone Bayen (677897167/693693881)

– All entries must be received latest April 25, 2018 at midnight local time.
Entries for the COURAGE IN JOURNALISM AWARDS may be emailed to:
The COURAGE IN JOURNALISM AWARDS is organized jointly by MEDIApeople, CiDi and CReAM.