Massacre of the Holy Innocents: In Loving Memory of  Louise Ndialle 0

Our dear sky daddy,aka Heavenly Father has given all of us life.That life is sacred.He has placed so much value in  life by commanding that “thou shall not kill”All we have to do is develop,harness,improve on this life so that we can present our bodies to him holy,acceptable as a living sacrifice.

God gives a chance to a little girl to live,grow and eventually contribute to society.A mature man,well equipped with arms handed to him by a rock state decides to prematurely terminate the life of our baby.

A Police officer 9 months ago had beaten to death a motorcycle rider at Bellow Foncha,Bamenda still on control palaver.If sanctions have to come from the delinquent state it will never.There’s complicity in the action of state and it agents in devaluing lives leaving the people to fight their battles.

All we now see is a huge machinery of defence and justification from some colleagues and Yaounde hierarchy, no sympathy,no excuses but provocative words blaming the lady,driver etc.What warranted  the release of bullets.

We know that the main issue in a control is not whether the driver has got all the papers but whether he has given money.We systematically arrived at an unfortunate level whereby money must be given, papers or not.We don’t eat documents they say.Officially carrying arms is now a license to kill.Let the state proof us wrong.

By Chief Charles A. Taku