Mayor Ekema Fake Certificate Palaver: Senator Mbella Moki celebrates, Spits fire 0

CPDM Senator for the Fako constituency, Mbella Moki Charles has called on the Minister of Higher Education to deal with any member of the ruling CPDM with fake certificate. The former mayor of Buea was celebrating in reaction to the findings of an investigation carried out by the South West Regional Secretary of the National Human Rights Commission, Barrister Tambe Tiku that recently exposed the current Mayor of the Buea municipality as an academic eunuch.

Senator Mbella Moki also frowned at the spate at which the Buea Council had been sheltering thieves and academic misfits such as Mayor Ekema Patrick with “questionable wealth and questionable academic certificates”.

He attributed failure of value system to spate of examination and cheating malpractices among public servants in the University of Buea. The much respected Senator wondered aloud why leaders like Dr Fontem Neba are being held in Yaoundé by the regime while the real criminals like Mayor Ekema Patrick were roaming the streets of the country.

By Oke Akombi Ayukepi Akap
Cameroon Concord News