On Biya regime’s determined attempt to mislead Cameroonians on the killings of soldiers 0

In the early hours of Saturday the 12th of May 2018, a military truck transporting some elements of the Rapid Intervention Battalion reportedly had an accident around the Atlantic Beach entrance in Limbe. 30 soldiers were killed and dozens injured. The Francophone dominated army had before the accident ordered Southern Cameroons civilians to evacuate the area.

Cameroon Intelligence Report gathered that the soldiers left their base and were en route to Muyuka to crush the attacks on the gendarmerie post when their vehicle crashed.  French Cameroun army sources say the accident was caused due to over speeding. However, our chief correspondent in the Southern Zone, Sama Ernest who is also very experienced in intelligence gathering has gotten reliable information that the Limbe Atlantic Beach accident was staged by the military.

In an interview he had with a senior Francophone military official in Limbe who sued for anonymity, the officer wondered aloud on the numerous “lie telling competition” going on deep within the Cameroon army. “These days the army kills its own and say it was a motor accident’ he pointed out.  He said the Cameroon military high command was not telling the truth to the Cameroonian people. He admitted that soldiers were being killed by the Southern Cameroons restoration forces at an alarming rate but the army was maintaining a kind of silence of the lamb.

Questioned on the diabolic harsh ploy by the army against the people of Southern Cameroons, he bolted and claimed he did not understand English properly.  Some sources have maintained the view that the army is afraid to tell the truth as it may generate an uprising in East Cameroun. The Biya regime plans to make public the names of some of the soldiers killed in the Southern Cameroons war this coming week and we understand the list will be linked to the Limbe accident.

Elsewhere, there was an attack at the Gendarmerie post in Yoke, Muyuka and the Southern Cameroons freedom fighters made away with ammunition. Two days ago, they attacked the Muyuka police head office and freed all detainees.

By Rita Akana with files from Sama Ernest in Fako County