Only Ambazonia’s victory will end Cameroon’s armed struggle. Biya regime can do nothing 0

The only option now opens to the UN and the African Union in Southern Cameroons is whether or not to make it worse. No amount of motion of support to Biya, counterfeit elections, feel good rhetoric from Chief V.E.Mukete or “intermittent” killing of Ambazonians is going to impede the Interim Government’s path to victory in its war of independence. The French and the Nigerian governments are now aware that every ounce of military and intelligence aid given to the Biya Francophone Beti Ewondo regime is only going to prolong Southern and French Cameroun’s citizens’ agony.

Immediately after the abduction of the President of the Federal of Ambazonia, Sisiku Ayuk Tabe Julius and his top aides in Abuja Nigeria, French Cameroun intelligence and French Cameroun media declared that the Southern Cameroons revolution was about to fail. That was wrong. Since the coronation of Dr. Samuel Sako as the Acting President, Southern Cameroonians have step-up self-defense efforts multiplying and consolidating their gains against the Biya regime. Biya 35 year’s action in Southern Cameroons has never been productive, except of death and destruction.

Biya’s war declaration at the Nsimalen International airport, the deployment of French Cameroun soldiers in Manyu, Lebialem, Batibo, Mundemba, Belo,  Kumba, Jakiri and Bamenda  including the killing of close to a thousand Southern Cameroonians have had zero impact. There is one small thing. Small but great and it is that the leadership of the Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia understands the Biya regime is fighting for its survival and does not care about innocent Southern Cameroons civilians or the niceties of international treaties. The regime backers such as the French and the corrupt Buhari administration in Nigeria only see a cynical foreign policy coup in the offing.

Mr. Joseph Beti Assomo, the country’s defense minister, is alleged to have boasted that by the time the conflict ends, there will be no Southern Cameroonians in the English-speaking regions. This testifies to the many claims of a government-sponsored genocide that are on social media. Even the Joint Chief of Staff, General Rene Meka has accepted that French Cameroun forces have killed hundreds of civilians in Southern Cameroons.

Inhumanity lies in the killing of any civilians in war. This is the trade mark of the Biya regime. Last week, the state owned television, CRTV estimated that all civilians had fled Menji, Kwa Kwa, Dadi, Kendem, Akwaya, Tombel, Belo and Mbonge, mostly from inevitably indiscriminate French Cameroun onslaught. Former Prime Minister Peter Mafany Musonge has been quoted as saying that civilian deaths are the price you pay for fighting for independence.

The deliberate silence maintained by the US and UK diplomatic missions in Yaoundé and Abuja including the European Union is a clear indication that the laws of war are enveloped in hypocrisy, largely because they are written by petrol dollars. The British embassy in Yaoundé has still not commented on the killings of hundreds of British Southern Cameroonians. The Commonwealth of Nations is no longer interested about human rights abuses but on how to help the UK survive Brexit.  This whole argument is not over morality, merely degrees of obscenity.

To this I put my name

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai