“The idea of opposing CPDM anonymously or staying indifferent in this struggle is betrayal”

By Sessekou Asu Isong

A friend of mine who is blessed with a finer and richer mind than most of us called yesterday to warn me about the consequences of publicly criticizing Biya’s corrupt regime. He advised that the best way to attack the sleaze and evil in Yaoundé was to do it anonymously. He said the political racketeers that have been in charge of The Cameroons since 1982 have failed miserably but in his monologue he was adamant that anyone who dare criticise the gods in Yaoundé publicly risked being arrested upon arrival at that filthy aerodrome in Douala and refused entry into The Cameroons. As I listened to myman empty his vocal cords, I had to force myself to sustain polite silence. I thanked him after the thirty minutes sermon for his concern and consideration for my wellbeing and promised that I’ll follow his wise words.

Later, I reflected upon the lecture andit appeared to me that his words sadly represent the thoughts of a great many Cameroonians. They are cognizant of the issues that have brought their country to its knees and on the verge of secession and civil war, but afraid to confront it publicly. Why have we as a people been so apathetic to injustice? Why have we been so indifferent in the face of this flagrant abuse of power and subjugation?

As I look back over the last thirty-six years, I can’t find a single noteworthy achievement of this current administration. A country blessed with so many natural resources, great people and brains could do better than it has. Surely!! As a people, we have collectively taken the easy options- emigration, apathy and silence.My good friend advised that God would intervene and perform miracles. Sadly, The Devine hasn’t done that over the last few centuries.

Today, the great nations of the world are nations that haven’t waited for miracles but fought against corruption and suppression. Subsequently, they have established systems that respect the dignity of men, women and the rule of law.Great Britain, France, USA, Germany- where many Cameroonian economic and political migrants now call home, are not enjoying the economic prosperities, respect for law and the reverence of human lives by accident and prayers. At certain times in their histories, they had to fight oppressors, evils and corrupt thuggery. I’m convinced they succeeded because they weren’t afraid to publicly confront the despots of their time.

Over the years, as the kindhearted, peace loving and miracle expectant people have migrated from The Cameroons, the so-called leaders have laughed all the way to the bank. They have looted the state treasury and natural resources with impunity. They have embezzled, misappropriated and thieved at a level our language can’t provide satisfactory adjectives. I hold as true that our collective lackadaisical approach to the big issues that our country has faced over the years is the main reason a cruel few have taken advantage of a kind and generous many.

The good news is; the moment of epiphany has arrived in the consciousness of many Cameroonians especially British Southern Cameroonians who have come to the decision that the illegal occupation of their land must stop. The unconcern showed by many Cameroonians in the diaspora to the criminality that has engulfed their homeland is a worry. The immortal words of the great Martin Luther King Jr should shame us. In 1967 he said In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

Is the answer a nameless and faceless opposition to this regime? That idea, appealing as it seems is not a solution to the issues our nation is facing. By our inactivity and fear of arrests, themobs ruling the nation have audaciously abused their positions. As a nation, we have shamelessly made Biya a demigod. He has succeeded in drilling fear into us in thousands of litres. It’s about time we stop this nonsense.

At a time when the bloodthirsty military of French Cameroun is unleashing barbarism on the defenseless people of British Southern Cameroons by indiscriminate shootings, burning of villages, torture, arrest and detention without trial, we have a collective duty to inform the world of these crimes and oppose them with every energy in us. We have an obligation to do something about it.

This media group, Cameroon Concord News will fight the tyranny and political harassers in Yaoundé with every dollar, dynamism and talent we can muster. We are prepared to be remembered like Steve Biko, Martin Luther King Jr., Martin Luther, Malcolm X. For, these men and countless others, faced evils during their times but they didn’t abdicate responsibility. We shall expose and condemn this criminality until justice is a reality.

We shall not stop until all the political prisoners occupying the dungeons in Yaoundé are free. Until that day, we would be with them in spirit and keep their stories alive in the minds of those who have access to smart phones, computers and the internet. To all the silent voices in all the remote areas of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, our promise to you is simple; your voices will be heard in all the corners of God’s earth. To all those who have lost their lives as a result of the cruelty of fellow men, we hope that as they meet their makers, let the wrath of God be revealed and released from heaven against all the ungodliness and unrighteousness of these men, who by their unrighteousness are suppressing the truth and committing murder.

The idea of opposing CPDM anonymously or staying indifferent in this struggle is betrayal.We should look at evil in the eye and confront it.A great Greek historian and author who lived circa 460-404bc in the name of Thucydides best put it distinctly in these words “The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage.”These words add springs to our steps. They inspire us with courage and we hope they inspire you too.

This is a Cameroon Concord News Group Editorial Desk Production