Pope Benedict XVI scholars meet for 3 day conference to shape the future of African Theology 0

On October 17th, theologians from around the world will meet in at the Mundelein Seminary in Illinois for a three day conference to share thoughts on what and how the theological work of Joseph Ratzinger / Benedict XVI can shape the Church in Africa, which continues to flourish with faith.

These scholars will bring essays for discussion, and a body of output will be gathered for future publication.

Current topics include…

  • One and the Same? Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI and African Theologians on God and God Language in African Christian Theology by Paulinus Odozor of the University of Notre Dame
  • Catholic Theology in 21st Century Africa in the Light of the primacy of the Logos in the Theology of Joseph Ratzinger by Paul Adaja of the University of Chicago
  • The African Understanding of Solidarity and the Ratzingerian Concept of Pro-Existence by Valery Akoh of the University of St. Mary of the Lake
  • Benedict XVI and Socio-Communitarian Eucharistic Exigencies: Impact on African and Global Catholicism by Mary Reginald Anibueze of Berea College
  • Joseph Ratzinger’s Theological Reading of Political Power: Relevance for the Continent of Africa in the 21st Century by Maurice Ashley Agbaw-Ebai of Boston College
  • Joseph Ratzinger’s Confidence in Salvation History by Christopher Collins, SJ of St Louis University
  • Ratzinger on Christ and In-/Enculturation by Emery de Gaal of Mundelein Seminary
  • Benedict XVI and the New Evangelization in Africa by Dennis Kasule of Mundelein Seminary
  • Lex Orandi Lex Credendi: Ratzinger/Benedict XVI on African Liturgy by Joseph Lugalambi of Ave Maria University
  • Caritas in Veritate and the Challenges to Political Economy of Africa: The Case of Nigeria by Joseph Ogbonnaya of Marquette University
  • Ratzinger’s Interculturality in the writings of Cardinal Sarah by Jacob Phillips of St Mary’s, England
  • Cross-cultural Biblical Ethics: Ratzinger on the Indissolubility of Marriage by Aaron Pidel, SJ of Marquette University

This is the first conference to be held by the Benedict XVI Institute for Africa. The next will be held in November, on the topic of Benedict XVI and the Development of African Theology.