President Macron Visit and the CPDM politician wasting government’s money in the most ridiculous way 0

No Cameroonian, not even President Biya enjoys paying taxes and the ruling CPDM has been running the country with taxes and oil revenue from Southern Cameroons. While it’s no fun coughing up those hard-earned FCFA to the corrupt government in Yaoundé, taxes and CPDM waste are the two reasons Cameroonians cannot have quality roads, schools, street lamps, fire departments, and sewer systems, the nice array of conveniences that all make contemporary life a lot easier and definitely more sanitary.

If there’s one infuriating thing that Cameroonians from all corners of the spectrum can agree on is watching the sneaky government officials in Yaoundé snatching up those valuable tax money and spending the dough on something selfish, greedy, or just plain stupid like the visit of French President Emmanuel Macron.

Unfortunately, the wrong politicians in Cameroon have the keys to the national piggy bank and have given the world the most egregious examples of officials wasting government money.

The Government Delegate to the Yaoundé Urban Council Hon. Esimi Evouna has gotten a little too enthusiastic about receiving French President Emmanuel Macron and he is using 10.5 million FCFA of Cameroonian taxpayer’s money to mobilize desperate CPDM militants from the Mfoundi constituency in Yaoundé to line the streets.

The purpose is to mislead President Macron and international public opinion that all is well in the so-called one and indivisible Cameroon. The 10.5 million CFA franc is only for transportation! We do not know how much will be dished out on purchases on wine, makeup, and gift cards.

Nonetheless, spending 10.5 million on only Mfoundi CPDM Section is a bit much, when all the folks involved certainly get paid enough to transport themselves to the ceremonial ground without breaking the piggy bank.

Long Live the ruling CPDM Crime Syndicate

By Rita Akana in Yaounde