Prof. Kamto declares victory and promises to talk to Southern Cameroonians 0

Cameroon’s president-elect, Prof. Maurice Kamto, has finally held his press conference in Yaounde today after the country’s forces of law and order tried to prevent him from talking to the press.

Speaking to a full house of determined Cameroonians, Prof. Kamto said the people of Cameroon had given him the mandate to preside over the country’s destiny for the next seven years and that would be the job he would be doing in the days ahead.

He said he was willing and ready to defend the people’s victory, calling on the out-going president and his collaborators to ensure that the transition is smooth and peaceful.

He promised to provide protection and immunity to the out-going president, Paul Biya, and his family, adding that all administrative officers should continue to do their work to ensure Cameroon is spared the specter of bloodshed.

Prof. Kamto’s press conference comes after he had spoken with officials of some Western embassies who have assured him of their support and determination to see that peace returns to the struggling nation. The U.S.A ambassador has already congratulated Prof. Kamto and he looks forward to working with the new authorities.  

During the press conference, he promised to address the Southern Cameroons crisis, adding that he would be visiting the region very soon to get a full understanding of the situation.

He regretted the loss of life in the region, adding that “the sun will rise and shine again in the North West and South West regions.”

He said he would rebuild the towns that have been burnt down by the Biya regime, adding that all those who have lost their homes would be compensated.

It should be recalled Prof. Kamto had during the campaign promised he would talk with Southern Cameroonian leaders if he won the election and he is keen on being as good as his word.

Meanwhile, the Interim President of Southern Cameroon, Dr. Samuel Sako, has also congratulated Prof. Kamto, adding that he would be working with him to bring peace to Southern Cameroons.

Currently there are negotiations going on between the Biya team and the Kamto team. Mr. Biya is a man under pressure and he has to quit before he gets humiliated.

Cameroonians are prepared to defend their victory and no killing of civilians will change the decision. Biya has to go. He has had more than his fair share of life. He has spilled Cameroonian blood, so he has no place in our country. He belongs to the past and must not be allowed to stay in power. 

 By Kingsley Betek in Yaounde