Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral service at Westminster Abbey 0

Hundreds of thousands of people have descended on London as Queen Elizabeth II is laid to rest on Monday after a grand state funeral attended by leaders from around the world, and a historic last ceremonial journey through the packed streets of London.

Elizabeth II’s body has been lying in state at Westminster Hall since Wednesday, and people from around the country and overseas have queued for hours to file past her coffin in a constant, emotional stream.

Hundreds of thousands of people have camped out for days to witness the elaborate spectacle of pageantry and to pay their final respects to Britain’s longest-reigning monarch.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan says the funeral is an “unprecedented” security challenge, with crowds packing central London and a guest list of 500 emperors, kings, queens, presidents and prime ministers.

After the funeral, the flag-draped coffin of the queen, topped with the majestic Imperial State Crown, will be taken west to Windsor Castle.

Elizabeth II will be buried alongside her father king George VI, her mother queen Elizabeth the queen mother, and sister princess Margaret, reuniting in death the family who once called themselves “us four”. The coffin of her husband, Prince Philip, who died last year aged 99, will also be transferred to lie alongside her.

Culled from France 24