Racism is not synonymous with checking the Coronavirus 0

Some disturbing videos on how Africans are being treated in China because of fears of the Coronavirus have been making the rounds on social media. Some of the actions are outright racist and could be revolting.

However, while those videos clearly demonstrate that Chinese are suspicious of Africans being responsible for the resurgence of the virus, it is still necessary for Africans to respect local laws.

They should accept that they must be tested against the virus as a way of checking this insidious enemy. Those mitigation measures will not only ensure that they are safe, but will also ensure that others don’t get infected.

As we all know, there are some carriers who will remain asymptomatic all through their lives and such persons are the super spreaders who may inadvertently kill many people who are immune compromised.

However, no African should just accept any kind of humiliation because of efforts to roll back the virus. There are internationally recognized protocols for the checking of this virus that has overwhelmed the planet.  All countries are bound by treaties to respect those protocols without creating any racial or gender issues. 

Africans have passed that stage where they have to feel inferior because of somebody’s skin color. If Chinese do not change their ways, then Africans should also start chasing them out of this beautiful continent. Africans should not always behave as if they do not have a homeland. If it does not work out there, come back home. Just change your mentality and you will make it big in Africa.

Maybe Africans do not know this. Africa may have issues of governance, but it has it all here. Let nobody decisive Africans that they can only become somebody if only they leave Africa. Times have change and that mentality must belong to the past.

Progress, no matter where you are, comes only through discipline, hard work, futuristic thinking and determination. Africans should not let anybody make them think that they cannot make it in Africa.

Just sitting in someone else’s country and be eating and putting on weight is no sign of financial success. The good thing with Africa is that you do not need huge seed capital to start a small business. All you need is an iron will, foresight and a genuinely business mentality.

There are more Chinese in Africa than there are Africans in China. If the Chinese do not stop the dehumanization they are subjecting Africans to, let them know that the youthful and energy-filled African population will chase them out of Africa.

No Chinese comes to Africa to help anybody. It is about business and Africans can do most of the things Chinese are doing. Africans need them just as they need Africans and let them not think that they are doing anybody a favor on this continent.

They better wake up and smell the coffee or they will trigger a bomb that will cost them their business and citizens. It is worthwhile commending efforts by the African Union to ensure that Chinese put an end to their molestation of Africans.

However, the population will not be waiting forever for diplomacy which is always slow to fix things. The people of Africa are angry and the Chinese must be prompt to end their harassment of Africans, failure of which a huge storm may come the way of their citizens in Africa.

The anger and frustration of Chinese misconduct can be felt in Africa. The Chinese must avoid any bloodshed. The ball is in their court.

Africans are hospitable, but they won’t let others to look down on them. Times have changed. The new generation of Africans may not accept what their parents have accepted for decades. It is time to use better ways to check the spread of the virus in China. A display of racism will not address the issue. It will only pit Chinese against Africans. This should be avoided.

By Dr Arrey Joachim

Cameroon Concord News Group