Revealed: Minister Laurent Esso and Justice Yap Abdou of the Special Criminal Court wanted Yves Michel Fotso’s head 0

It has been revealed that Cameroon’s Minister of Justice, Laurent Esso and the President and Chairman of the so called Special Criminal Court in Yaounde, Yap Abdou covered the truth and concocted some evidence in the Camair case that led to the double life sentence of Cameroonian investor, Yves Michel Fotso, who moonlighted as general manager of the national airline company.

We gathered that on May 2014, the liquidator of Camair placed at the disposal of Minister Laurent Esso and the chairman of the Special Criminal Court, Yap Abdou, facsimile of documents exonerating Yves Michel Fotso on eight of the nine charges initially made against him.


It emerged that in one of the complaint by the state of Cameroon against Yves Michel Fotso involving a total amount of 69 billion FCFA, the liquidation changed its claim to 20 billion before the investigative judge of the Special Criminal Court.

The CBC affair worth 8.657 billion FCFA, the Albatross totalling 8.934 billion CFA francs and the insurer Chanas for an amount of 482 million FCFA were the issues that remained in the Camair debts file. The amount of 1,757 billion CFA francs that was attributed to Yves Michel Fotso was fully paid later by the businessman pursuant to the protocol accord between the two parties.

The liquidator, Emile Christian Awah did explain to the legal authorities how he intended to pursue recoveries of outstanding claims from debtors.  Some internal sources have hinted that the recovering process had started like was the case of the Albatross that included the involvement of the Minister of Finance and the Presidency of the Republic.

However, despite these exculpatory and payment of the corpus delicti, pursuant to the Memorandum of Understanding with the civil party, Yves Michel Fotso was doubly sentenced to life imprisonment by the Cameroonian justice. There was indeed a concealment of evidence that was to the advantage of the businessman.

By Sama Ernest