Richard Bona angry at CPDM politicians using his image 0

Richard Bona, the famous Cameroonian singer and guitarist has accused the Biya Francophone Beti Ewondo regime of misusing his image. After he was refused a visa to travel home for the funeral rites of his mother who passed away recently, Richard Bona opined that the use of his image in a commercial in Cameroon was a deliberate action orchestrated by President Biya and his gang.

Cameroon Concord News learnt that a strong reaction from the singer prompted the Yaoundé authorities to remove the image. Richard Bona who hails from Minta in the Central region of Cameroon was quoted as having written these lines to the CPDM government: “To Mr BIYA and his government, please immediately remove my image from your video. The law prohibits that! And it’s always you who start again. Encore and Encore.”

By Fru James
Camcordnew Desk