Seeking for notice: Douala based NGO crowns President Biya “Most Loved Politician” 0

President Paul Biya has been crowned “Most loved politician” among four other politicians in the country. Meanwhile, First Lady Chantal Biya was crowned “Most enterprising woman of action” among four other women. They were awarded the “Most Patriotic Excellence Award” at a ceremony in the headquarters of the “Roi de la Ferraille Koloko Levis-Claude” Foundation in Bonaberi, Douala, on July 30, 2016.

Immediately following the presidential couple were the SDF Vice Chairman, Joshua Osih, President of the Cameroon National Salvation Front, Issa Tchiroma Bakary, former Minister and President of MRC party, Maurice Kamto, Banda Kani as well as Elimbi Lobe, for the “Most loved politician” category. Libom li Likeng Minette, Courtès Ketcha, Caroline Ngo Banseck and Jacqueline Mbarga, won the “Most enterprising woman of action” prize.

The award follows several months of voting by television viewers on Dan Broadcasting Corporation, DBS TV and further research by the “Roi de la Ferraille Koloko Levis-Claude” Foundation. Speaking at the event in Bonaberi, Douala, Hubert Etoundi, DBS General Manager and promoter of the award, said it reflects the views of the people confirmed through intense research.

“It is very necessary to recognise these people for their patience, stamina, peace, etc. They contribute to the peace and development of the nation,” he underscored. Some 45 other people received awards in the categories for economic-political patriotism, patriotic investors, living together and petty trades. The presidential couple, like some of the recipients, was not present. Those who were present either in person or represented did receive their awards.


Cameroon Tribune