SONARA spends 112,472 dollars buying toys for the children of its staff 0

The management of the National Oil Refining Company, SONANA has awarded a contract worth 56,236,396 (fifty-six million two hundred and thirty-six thousand three hundred ninety-six francs) a little more than 112,472 dollars for the supply of toys to the children of its staff.

Cameroon Concord News was reliably informed that the supply of toys was decided and unanimously agreed by a board meeting chaired by former minister John Ebong Ngole, member of the political bureau of the ruling party at a time when the company was struggling to survive.

Our chief economic correspondent who contributed to this report hinted that the CPDM government recently launched a savings collection operation for the financing of this same company-an operation that ended in fiasco as only 350 billion CFA francs was collected simply half of the expected amount. A journalist with Cameroon Intelligence Report revealed late last week that the heavy debt crisis that has rocked SONARA came about due to the inconsistency of the state of Cameroon in paying its own fuel debts related to sovereign expenditure.

A very flippant but reliable source in the company told this reporter that the supply of toys for 56 million FCFA is a practice that has always existed within the company. But this time around, the general manager decided to handover the contract to a close family friend also a worker in the company.

By Rita Akana