Southern Cameroons Crisis: 2 teachers killed in Muyuka and Kumba 0

A teacher was gunned down after armed assailants attacked a school in a strife-hit English speaking region of southwest Cameroon, national radio reported Saturday.

Sophie Mandengue Maloba, a 42-year-old mother of three, died in the town of Muyuka when three armed men riding motorcycles fired gunshots as they sped through the town, the radio said.

“She died in hospital where she was taken after the attack,” a journalist at the station told AFP.

The violence came three days after another teacher was killed in similar circumstances in nearly Kumba, some 350km west of the capital.

English speaking regions in Cameroon’s northwest and southwest are mired in an insurgency which began in 2016, when activists in the anglophone minority, comprising about a fifth of the population, stepped up a campaign for greater autonomy.

President Paul Biya rejected their demands, prompting radicals to make a full-blown declaration of independence last October.

Source: AFP