Southern Cameroons Crisis: Bitter war of words erupts between IG and Yaounde over attacks on Mbororos 0

The regime is Yaoundé has revealed that a total of 272 Mbororos in the Northern Zone have been killed by the Ambazonia Restoration Forces because of their opposition to the armed struggle waged by the people of Southern Cameroons against French Cameroun colonial rule.

The Biya regime says the deaths in three years of conflict for the North West Mbororos community alone are disturbing. The Fulani subgroup mainly composed of shepherds including a large number of Muslims, herders and traders.

Yaoundé further pointed out that the death toll was reported by the Mbororo Association of Ntambang, Bamenda III region of the North West Cameroon and specified that 189 Mbororo women have also been raped by Ambazonia Forces.

A senior aide to the Ambazonia Vice President Dabney Yerima reacting to the report observed that the Mbororos have always lived in harmony with the people of Southern Cameroons and that they too are victims of the French Cameroun genocidal campaign currently going on in the Southern Cameroons-Ambazonia.

Kum Peter indicated that Yaoundé was simply attempting to attract free money from Saudi Arabia to finance its military and its senseless war against the people of Southern Cameroons. He added that the Mbororo leadership had earlier rejected a French Cameroun demand that its peace loving people should help the Cameroon government army in intelligence gathering.

By Sama Ernest in Bamenda