Southern Cameroons Crisis, Biya’s Nepotism and the Cho Ayaba-Boh Herbert Distraction Techniques 0

French Cameroonians are now seeing the very bad omen and a very bad sign that the so-called one and indivisible Cameroon is heading towards disintegration. The situation looks just like Zaire under the late Congolese thug, Mobutu. And everything points to the fact that the 36 years old CPDM government is tacitly in support of the practice of nepotism and the genocide that is happening now in Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia.

Every well-meaning Cameroonian including Cardinal Christian Tumi has spoken, advised and pointed out the danger of allowing army soldiers killing innocent Southern Cameroons civilians and burning down their towns and villages. Regrettably, before things assumed this dangerous dimension, the 85 year old Francophone dictator, Paul Biya had tactfully and craftily handed over the entire security apparatus to his Beti Ewondo kinsmen. This explains why French speaking Cameroonians including their political elites are looking the other way while Beti-Ewondo soldiers are perpetrating their atrocity in Southern Cameroons.

The genocide currently going on in Southern Cameroons is not something that is speculative but one that is staring everybody in the face. Yet a veteran media guru Boh Herbert and one Cho Ayaba claiming to be Anglophone leaders have reportedly joined La Republique du Cameroun to denounce the leadership of the Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

A situation where the Delegate-General for National Security, the National Gendarmerie boss, the Army Chief of Staff, the Minister for Defense and all the nation’s intelligence services are in the hands of the Beti-Ewondo ruling clan not from the Center and South regions but predominantly from the South is very disturbing! Such a thing never happened in the days of President Ahidjo.

Let us examine calmly and honestly the composition of the entire Biya security council. It is made up of only Betis, and the only person in their midst is Paul Atanga Nji, an Anglophone man who does not command anything. The nation is suffering the worse nepotism in its history and it is facilitating the breakdown.

For 57 years, the French Cameroun political elites supported by successive French governments designed the composition of government of the Cameroonian federation and its agencies in such a manner that failed to reflect the bilingual and federal character of the Federal Republic of Cameroon. Consequently, the desire to promote national unity and also to command national loyalty is no longer in the Southern Cameroonian DNA.

Paul Biya’s nepotism, sectionalism and parochialism go contrary to our Anglo-Saxon spirit, but the President does not give a damn and unfortunately all Southern Cameroonians serving in his government seems to be very docile. The Biya Francophone Beti Ewondo government has flouted every provision of both the old and the new constitutions and every violation of the constitution in an Anglo-Saxon tradition is an impeachable offence. But instead it is Biya and his gang that regularly queries the action of the members of the Francophone dominated National Assembly and the Senate, threatening to remove their leaderships.

We of the Cameroon Concord News Group cannot imagine this kind of massive killings being done by these rampaging French Cameroun army soldiers in Southern Cameroons and Boh Herbert and his acolytes such as Cho Ayaba are unable to join the majority following of the Interim Government to help our people.  There are other Ambazonians whose own contribution has been limited to names calling—Milan!! Atam Milan!! Milan!! Milan!! Milan!! This begs the question: Are these men truly Southern Cameroonians?

The Southern Cameroons freedom fighters on Ground Zero have pushed so hard and have successfully created a state within a state. All what they need is a Diaspora leadership to help them complete this onerous task and in good time.  As we have seen from numerous global best practices including the ANC in South Africa, all Southern Cameroons Diaspora groups should rally behind the Interim Government or keep quiet and do their own thing.

The Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia under Dr. Samuel Ikome Sako should not acquiesce in the face of the flurry of attacks, but should stand firm in the defense of Southern Cameroonians.  It will be unfair to the Southern Cameroons nation to say someone like Cho Ayaba is a leader. A Southern Cameroonian who spent more than a decade in Germany producing fake SCNC documents for Nigerians and Congolese fostering their asylum claims for a fee now turns around to attack a legitimate government loved and supported by Ambazonians!!  Again, if you look at that Cho Ayaba crime syndicate critically, you will see that 99 per cent of the men and women in his insignificant team jumped into the struggle for their personal interest not Southern Cameroons. Cho Ayaba is notorious for such nasty things as his best friend ever in Germany was a Bamileke citizen known as Jean Monie who assisted him in his fraudulent ventures.

Many Ambazonians have been militating in many other Southern Cameroons groups before eventually joining the fighting that started two years ago. To you we say the Interim Government remains the best thing that ever happened to Southern Cameroonians. Correspondingly, every Ambazonian should support Dr. Sako and his team. Let Ambazonians ignore Cho Ayaba and Boh Herbert who have all along been trying to execute a hidden agenda that is now not hidden.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai