Southern Cameroons Crisis: CDC still struggling to recover 0

The Cameroon Development Corporation seems to still be struggling to recover from the separatist war in Southern Cameroons. Between January and May 2022, the agribusiness company exported 8,443 tons of bananas, up only 651 tons, compared to 7,792 tons during the same period in 2021.

Although the volume is higher, it hides an almost stagnant production year-on-year, according to statistics published by the Banana Association of Cameroon (Assobacam). CDC was even absent from the export market for 2 years as of September 2018, meaning it did not export any bananas over the period. Before this happened, the company shipped 23,495 tons of bananas between January and May 2018, almost three times the volume exported during the same period in 2022 (8,443 tons).

The picture looks bleak, but the Bank of Cemac States (Beac) has a better outlook. In its latest business survey, the bank revealed that banana production should increase in Q2 2022, as most of the 2021 plantings will now mature, and CDC will resume activities.

Indeed, After almost two years of inactivity due to the Anglophone crisis, CDC initiated the rehabilitation of 520 hectares of banana plantations last year. These are the ones that should mature during the second quarter, according to the central bank. On this basis, the increase in production should lead to higher exports.

Source: Business in Cameroon