Southern Cameroons Crisis: Former Mayor of Mamfe Signs Death Warrant 0

Cameroonians have for a very long time known that the country’s ruling CPDM is not just a crime syndicate, but a drug made in the mould of crack cocaine and all its supporters constantly behave as if they are high on it.

One of such persons who has lost his mind because of the drug is the former Mayor of Mamfe, Ayuk Takunchong, who many think has decided to sign his own death warrant. He has been courting death for a long time, but has decided to cross the reddest of the red lines this week by bringing con-men into Mamfe to perform junk traditional rites.

Based on a video that has gone viral on social media, the awkward and intellectually stunted mayor seems to have taken an overdose of the drug to the point where local traditional activities that are supposed to be conducted in the local language are now being performed in borrowed languages.

The former mayor, whose eyes are on a senatorial position in Yaoundé, had to bring in some con-men to conduct unapproved rites in the town’s downtown core. The act of supreme stupidity has shocked many people of Manyu descent and many seem to approve his journey to the world beyond.

The rites are expected to frighten those who are bankrolling Amba fighters in Manyu Division. Former mayor Takunchong who knows nothing about Manyu culture now passes off as a traditional guru.

If a traditional Lilliputian like Mr. Takunchong can be engaged in such acts, it is obvious that things have fallen apart in the Division and the whole charade is doomed to failure.

It has never worked and will surely not work this time around, especially as those invited by the power-hungry former mayor are con-men noted for their hunger and poverty. The world has moved on but desperate people like Mr. Takunchong still want to drag the learned people of Manyu Division back into the dark ages.

The Manyu man is noted for his sound intellectual ability, but in the last ten years, the CPDM crime syndicate has been choosing the worst among the people of Manyu to appoint them to higher positions. This strategy is not working, especially as its science is known.

The objective is usually to prove to the free radicals that if they bow to the Yaounde government, they will get a huge and nice piece of the national pie. But the Manyu intellectual is not ready to lose his intellectual freedom.

He understands that money is a key component of life and that is why the Division’s best and brightest are out of the country plying their trade and having their education’s worth.

By making a ridicule of Manyu culture and insulting Amba boys, Mr. Takunchong has simply demonstrated that he is willing to go to the world beyond.

He could still be playing his politics without insulting or calling on people living abroad not to give Amba fighters money. He had chosen to be an eternal slave to the Yaounde government and the CPDM which is outlawed in Southern Cameroons because it is a terrorist organization.

He has no authority and his shallow knowledge of the institutions and traditions of the land only make him a despicable and disrespectable buffoon whose rightful place is within the crime syndicate he slavishly serves.

Mr. Takunchong’s signing of his own death warrant comes a few days after his successor, Priestly Ashu Ojong, was killed in a fake ambush staged by the government.

It is rumored that he was killed by government troops who had been ordered to carry out the execution from Yaounde. The Yaounde government has been seeking to give Amba boys a bad name and it will stop at nothing when it comes to achieving that goal.

Priestly took a bullet to the forehead, a bullet that bore the hallmarks of the country’s military. The military man sitting in the front passenger seat is suspected to have delivered the blow that took Mayor Priestly Ashu Ojong to his grave. His driver is also suspected to be in the know of what happened to the young and ambitious mayor.

Takunchong, who is high on the CPDM drug, seems to be next in line and his recent actions speak to his tomfoolery and buffoonery that may cost him his life.  He needs to be off this drug for some time for him to see the folly in his irrational actions.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai