Southern Cameroons Crisis: Francophone army soldiers are dying like flies 0

The media in French Cameroun in craven deference to the criminal Paul Biya regime in Yaoundé is not reporting news of Cameroon government military casualties in Southern Cameroons. In actuality, Cameroon government army soldiers are dying like flies- at least 3000 so far and many more are being wounded and crippled.

Having learned nothing from Sudan and South Sudan and from the current situation now in Ethiopia, the ethno fascist Biya cabal is proceeding pell-mell in its homicidal and doomed campaign to achieve mastery over English speaking Cameroonians.

We of the Cameroon Concord Group are of the opinion that Biya and his gang will not succeed. Southern Cameroonians will no longer accept to be ruled by a French Cameroun tribal, amoral, selfish and corrupt cesspool that is today’s La Republique du Cameroun.

Since all French Cameroonians understand and respond only to force, every Southern Cameroonian must encourage and support Ambazonia Revolutionary Fighters in their campaign to rid the Federal Republic of Ambazonia of the so-called French Cameroun colonial army soldiers. The Igbos and the Calabars of Nigeria including the Efiks that value their independence must be urged to maintain and step up their support for Southern Cameroons Self Defense forces.

It’s only when thousands of coffins arriving Yaoundé and Ebolowa reaches critical mass, when thousands more Francophone families must bury their sons and daughters — killed by Paul Biya — that the message will sink in.

The war in Southern Cameroons is the laboratory for French speaking Cameroonian’s ambition to keep Southern Cameroonians as second citizens forever, which is why Ambazonian fighters must not stop until every Francophone army soldier has fled the Ambazonia homeland or died there.

Beginning January 2022, we of the Cameroon Concord News Group would love to have the following headlines from our Amba fighters:

-Cameroon government soldier killed in roadside bomb attack

-A roadside bomb blast today killed one Francophone soldier and wounded another near Buea

-At least 500 BIR have died since the beginning of 2022

-40 Francophone soldiers were killed on the Bali-Batibo road when a driver swerved to avoid a roadside bomb explosion! The soldier’s death brings the number of Cameroon government military deaths in the Southern Cameroons war to 6000.

-A roadside bomb on the Ekok-Eyumojock highway destroys a Cameroonian military truck

-Attack on a Cameroon military convoy injures a sea of Cameroon government troops on a highway linking Kumba to Ekondo Titi.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai