Southern Cameroons Crisis: French Cameroun spies operating in Calabar, Taraba 0

French Cameroun spies are operating a front organization in Calabar and Ikom to exert political pressure on the Buhari government to arrest other Southern Cameroons leaders, Cameroon Intelligence Report has learned. Details of the organization emerged as two alleged spies openly disagreed over the sharing of money in a hotel in Calabar and failing to disclose their affiliation with the Biya regime when questioned by Ambazonian intelligence officers operating in the Cross River State of Nigeria.

The spies who all hail from Manyu Division are accused of secretly promoting French Cameroun interests in the long-running conflict between the Federal Republic of Ambazonia and La Republique du Cameroun using millions of francs CFA of covert funding provided by Yaoundé.

The Southern Cameroons security services recently identified Minister Mengot and the Municipal Administrator for Mamfe, Ayuk John Takunchong as the principal architects of the French Cameroun spying scheme and CIR understands the Acting President of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, Dr. Samuel Ikome Sako is under pressure to order the arrest of these Manyu traitors as relations between the Southern Cameroons and French Cameroun under Biya continue to deteriorate in the wake of the killing of many Southern Cameroons civilians.

According to a document sent to the Acting President, Minister Mengot has reportedly sponsored many missions to Calabar, the latest being that of the Mayor of Mamfe to help the Nigeria security to identify and arrest innocent Southern Cameroonians who fled into the Cross River State of Nigeria. The Manyu CPDM spying network describes itself in educational materials as a “none profit organization dedicated to raising the level of knowledge in Nigeria about the Anglophone problem and to help the Southern Cameroons refugees return home.”

But Southern Cameroons sources have revealed that the Manyu CPDM initiative is actually one of the many French Cameroun killer networks that are run by elements of the Biya government, including French Cameroun’s military intelligence service. The other ones are in Lagos and Taraba.

The Cameroon embassy in Abuja and its Consulate in Calabar have been given an open cheque with one purpose – to hide Biya regime’s involvement in the killing of thousands of Southern Cameroonians and to influence the Nigerian government’s position on Ambazonia.

President Buhari’s handlers in Yaoundé have allegedly funneled millions of dollars through the Cameroon embassy to contribute to APC elected officials, fund high-profile conferences on the Cameroon Anglophone problem, and pay for other efforts that promotes Buhari’s continued stay in power in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Source: www.cameroonintelligencereport