Southern Cameroons Crisis: more pressure is needed 0

The panic that is within the ranks of the ruling crime syndicate is testament to the fact that the government is under enormous pressure.

When the political opposition called for a nation-wide demonstration on September 22, 2020, to root out the country’s sit-tight, ailing and incompetent president, Paul Biya, from power, surrogates of the old and bed-ridden president swang into action to ensure the opposition’s call was not heeded by a public which is really tired of the incompetence and corruption that have become the ruling cabal’s hallmarks.

The country’s entire Amada was deployed in Douala and Yaoundé to intimidate opposition supporters who are getting bolder by the day.

But this strategy did not deter Cameroonians who are gradually figuring out that real political change in their country will never come through the ballot boxes which are usually loaded  with fake ballots by the country’s ruling party that has been in power for more than half a century with nothing to show for.

New elections are coming up in December 2020 and these regional elections are only designed to prove to the international community that the Yaoundé government is decentralizing as per its 1996 constitution that has never been respected.

The outcome of the election is already known. The tactics will be the same. A few votes will be granted to hungry political leaders like Cabral Libii and others just to legitimize the election.

The ruling CPDM is going to win big, and of course, through the foul means it has always used to win every single election for 38 years.

Intimidation and all corrupt practices will be on hand to ensure Mr. Biya’s party stays in power against the will of the Cameroonian people.

The election will be a total waste of time as the results are already known. Even if all political parties make common cause, the ruling party will steal the victory like it did in the 2018 presidential election.

The leading opposition figure, Professor Maurice Kamto, was robbed of his victory and to silence him, the military was deployed and he was illegally incarcerated for over six months.

A tactic that seems to have been lifted from a Soviet script. In Cameroon, those who vote are indeed not those who count the votes. This clearly implies that the ruling CPDM will always resort to its old antics to perpetuate itself in power.

Cameroonians should, by now, know that elections do not count and that the ruling CPDM will never yield an inch of its power if those who run that party are not arrested and hauled to jail in a people power revolution.

Southern Cameroonians have clearly understood that the Yaounde regime can never be trusted and the economic and political catastrophes generated by the Southern Cameroons crisis have weakened the government and demonstrated that greater pressure on the kleptocrats and gerontocrats who have hijacked power is the best path to walk.

And this path is spreading pain and insomnia among government officials who are completely overwhelmed by the Southern Cameroons crisis.

Initially, the government and its parasitic surrogates had declared that there was no Southern Cameroons crisis.

Opportunists like the country’s territorial administration minister, Paul Atanga Nji, a notorious ex-convict, and CPDM ideologue, Elvis Ngolle Ngolle, who is scared of imprisonment because of some dirt he left at the ministry of the environment, gave the impression that all was well and that the demonstrations by the Southern Cameroonian population against marginalization in 2017 were simply a figment of the imagination of those who wanted to sow chaos in the country.

But today, the same Atanga Nji is losing sleep over an issue he said never existed. The Francophone leadership seems to have outsourced the stress to him and this invisible enemy is gradually consuming him.

He has been aging prematurely and a source close to one of his numerous girlfriends in Yaounde has indicated that the barefaced territorial administration boss is suffering from chronic erectile dysfunction due to stress.

His recent hasty trip to Kumba to demonstrate the government’s sympathy towards families whose children had been killed in a macabre slaughtering of students by undercover military men was a clear demonstration of the enormous stress that the government was taking because of the Southern Cameroons crisis that has put the country in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

Atanga Nji’s stress was all over him to the point where he was mixing up administrative units even as he is the territorial administration boss. Kumba is in Meme Division in the Southwest region, but Atanga Nji, a secondary school dropout, kept on saying that Kumba was in Fako Division despite the numerous corrections from his collaborators.

The confused territorial administration boss even wanted to use the Bible to bamboozle the crowd but was promptly stopped by a lady who claimed she was under the influence of the Holy Spirit.

The lady’s intervention was more proof that the population is no longer scared of government officials and that the people will continue to challenge the government to reveal the truth about the killings in Kumba.

The Yaounde government is used to mowing down its own people. It also has a track record in hiding the truth. A few months ago, army soldiers slaughtered some 23 people in Ngarbuh, a little town in the country’s Northwest region.

Initially, the government clearly denied having conducted any operations in that locality but when pressed by the international community that had evidence, the dishonest government reluctantly admitted to the massacres.

But Ngarbuh was not the first and everybody knew it would not be the last. Muyuka, Muyenge, Santa, Kwakwa and other Southern Cameroonian towns have been victims of the government’s diabolic and Marchiavellic schemes.

The pattern is the same. Denial first and acceptance second. The same strategy has also been used in the country’s Far North region where a woman and her baby were shot point blank by Cameroon army soldiers. Thanks to the BBC’s superior technology, the lying Yaoundé government was caught red-handed.

The truth about Kumba will soon be out. The government knows who is behind the killings. It is revealing less than it knows.

But if Cameroonians have to rob themselves of their irresponsible government, then they must step up the pressure. They must create multiple pressure points both at home and abroad to ensure the criminal syndicate really belongs to the past.

It is time to flush the corrupt and incompetent government out and this will only be achieved through pressure and unity of purpose.

Southern Cameroonians must make common cause with their counterparts in East Cameroon if they must achieve anything.

Going solo may not yield the right dividends. The Biya government has a way of reincarnating. If it must be flushed out, then the different factions involved in the Southern Cameroons crisis must make common cause with the objective of stepping up pressure on a crumbling corrupt and ineffective government.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai

Group Chairman/Editor-In-Chief