Southern Cameroons Crisis: The death penalty still stands 0

Since the Southern Cameroons crisis moved from the streets to the trenches and bushes of Southern Cameroons, a lot has changed especially the region’s political landscape.

Political campaigns are no longer conducted in the open like it was before the crisis which put the country in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, including the military brutality and the human suffering that could be seen all over the place.

Southern Cameroons has changed for good though the old CPDM crime syndicate’s hawks and crooks like Peter Mafany Musonge, Yang Philemon and Dion Ngute are still in denial.

Over the last week, Musonge and Yang Philemon have been testing the water to see if Southern Cameroonians can take their poisonous bait.

 They have been on the ground campaigning for their party which has been outlawed in the two English-speaking regions of the country.

They only know their people when elections are in the offing. For more than three years, thousands of Southern Cameroonians have been slaughtered by the Yaoundé government in plain sight, but to these “power hungry vultures” the mowing down of fellow Southern Cameroonians is not an issue to them.

Regional elections are on the horizon and these “fairweather elites” are back with old promises, thinking that an angry and a hungry people will buy into their lies and vain promises.

In a message sent to the Cameroon Concord News Group’s Global Headquarters in the United Kingdom, the separatists still hold that all those who have collaborated with the enemy should be punished and the death sentence hanging over the heads of people like Yang Philemon, Atanga Nji, Peter Mafany Musonge, George Tabetando, etc still stands.

“It will be hard to pardon these people who have been eating, drinking and dancing with the enemy. Many of our people have been killed by the Yaoundé government which has been enabled by some of our own people,” the message said.

“I hope while Yang and Musonge are peddling heresy in the name of elections, they also know that a death sentence is hanging over their heads like the Sword of Damocles,” the message stressed.

“Many families are still mourning their loved ones and thousands of families have been left homeless. Our people are all over East Cameroon begging for food and accommodation because the government burnt their homes and chased them away from their towns. We will never forget this and we must make those enablers among us to pay for their crime,” the message underscored.

“These elections are a non-event and any councilors who participate in that charade will be viewed as enemies and will be dealt with accordingly,” the message said.

We are keeping our eyes on everybody. Those who betray us will have themselves to blame. The government has not yielded an inch of its authority and it wants us to down our guns. This is not going to happen,” the message underscored.

We had thought that the national dialogue held in 2018 was designed to change a lot of things but the government’s scam is continuing. The government had hastily granted the two English-speaking regions a special status but we have only seen more people killed by government troops after their so-called special status. We now know that the only thing special in that status is the total extermination of the indigenous people of Southern Cameroons,” the message continued.

It is hard to trust this government. The ruling party is a crime syndicate that should never be trusted. Its diaper wearing, corrupt and old members are hell-bent on destroying the youths of this country before they die. If our French-speaking colleagues have accepted their slave status, we will not accept that. It is now easy to pick up guns and we will do that until the marginalization that has been our fate ends,” the message stressed.

We cannot drop our guns when our leaders are still in the dungeons of East Cameroon. Some are abroad and are doing their best to provide much-needed support. Though there are some disagreements among our leaders, we hold that the gaps can be bridged. These leaders should understand that we still have much to deal with. The Yaoundé government is still killing our people. We cannot let it do as it wishes. We must keep on fighting until the government listens,” the message concluded.

From every indication, Cameroon is not yet out of the woods. The days ahead are bleak and if the government does not end its charade, many more people will still die and the death sentence on the so-called elites will continue to be a millstone on their necks.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai

Group Chairman/ Editor-In-Chief