Southern Cameroons Crisis: Yaounde in panic mode 0

Despite claiming to organize elections across the entire country, the Yaounde government is in panic mode.

The country’s president, Paul Biya, has convened an emergency meeting of his cabinet. The meeting is scheduled for 5pm Yaounde time.

The items on the meeting’s agenda are unknown, but a source at the Unity Palace in Yaounde has hinted that despite the drama ruling party members have been staging across the country, the government is aware of the truth.

The election might have been organized and the CPDM has won the majority it wants, but the president is aware of the growing anger and frustration in the country’s streets.

The president, our source said, will be calling on his cabinet ministers to exercise caution in the way they address issues facing the country.

The source added that the Southern Cameroons crisis that has put the country in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons will be top on the agenda.

The government, the source said, is taking a look at its strategy and it is probable that the president might yield to international pressure.

The source insinuated that the government might be accepting the Swiss initiative and Mr. Biya might caution his ministers to collaborate fully with any initiative that might bring peace to the country.

The source also said that the president was aware that the results of its military actions had been mixed and the president was mulling the possibility of letting the UN to come in and play a greater role in the aftermath of the fighting.

The source assured our Yaounde correspondent that though the cabinet meeting would hold under tight security, much will filter out and Cameroon Concord News Group will be promptly advised of all what will be discussed at the meeting.

By Rita Akana in Yaounde