Southern Cameroons Crisis: Yaoundé’s entire projects failed; Biya unable to confront Amba resistance 0

The Vice President of the Ambazonia Interim Government Comrade Dabney Yerima says Biya French Cameroun’s biggest failure is the collapse of its entire projects in the Federal Republic of Ambazonia as the Francophone regime has been unable to confront the Southern Cameroons resistance.

Dabney Yerima made the comment in a lengthy conversation with Cameroon Concord News Group on Wednesday. The soft spoken exiled leader said La Republique du Cameroun is now facing a very serious internal crisis and things are falling apart between Yaoundé and Paris because the Biya regime has been unable to confront the Ambazonian resistance.

There is presently a general realization deep within French Cameroun political elites that the assimilation and annexation of Southern Cameroons has been the biggest failure and that all French Cameroun political projects in Ambazonia have failed. The Ambazonian people are not ready to accept the continuation of the occupation even through a federal structure” Vice President Dabney Yerima noted.

Yerima blasted the current bout of Biya regime atrocities against British Southern Cameroons, saying, “What you are seeing today in Mamfe, Kumba, Bamenda, Ekondo Titi, Ekok and Kumbo are provocations, repression, killings and abuse, which have reached the point of total insolence and criminal ferocity.”

Asked whether the Southern Cameroons crisis has become a source of confusion for the corrupt Biya French Cameroun regime, Yerima said, “The Biya French Cameroun regime recently signed a military agreement with President Putin of Russia which gives Moscow the green light to help Yaoundé develop more repressive systems to confront the Ambazonian resistance but our Southern Cameroons Self Defense forces are also creating new forms of resistance that La Republique military does not know how to handle, including the hit-and-run tactics, which they have no recipe for and have no ability to control.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Dabney Yerima said the so-called special status to Southern Cameroonians has failed and is not accepted by the people of Ambazonia anymore.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai