Southern Cameroons Crisis: Yours will be the kingdom of death 0

For some weeks now, many chiefs and Fons in Cameroon’s two English-speaking regions have been losing sleep because of the regional elections that have been slated for this month.

The CPDM corrupt squad has been in Bamenda and Buea to demonstrate that they are campaigning for their party.

Yang Philemon, a former Prime Minister, even said that the city of Bamenda had not been taken care of just to win hearts and minds. He simply did not tell us who had neglected the city.

Of course, we all know the answer and nobody in Bamenda will be fooled by the likes of Yang Philemon who have sold their souls to the devil for a few pieces of gold and power.

The devil incarnate was trying to download his mistakes on others. For more than three decades, all Bamenda City Government Delegates have been members of the ruling party also known as the crime syndicate that has ruled the country for 38 years. Any acts of negligence must be imputed to the CPDM and its chairman, Paul Biya.

 Is it not preposterous to think that Southern Cameroonians are foolish and can be easily deceived? Are the likes of Yang Philemon forgetting that the Southern Cameroons crisis that put the country in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons was triggered by his party’s greed, corruption and incompetence? Is he forgetting that he cannot sell his story in the Southern Cameroons heartland as many bullets will reduce him to a mass of flesh?

If he wants to test his popularity, he should drive to his native Oku to sell his story of eternal corruption. The death penalty still stands and venturing into Oku will be synonymous with committing suicide.

 Besides more deaths have been scheduled and he might just be on the list of those who might not see the New Year. Southern Cameroonian fighters are determined to shock the world.

Because of the upcoming elections, the country’s territorial administration minister, Paul Atanga Nji, the con man in the corridors of power, seems to be setting up chiefs and fons in the country’s two English-speaking regions for death.

Ever since news leaked that the territorial administration minister had been bribing chiefs and fons in the two English-speaking regions of the country, many of those traditional authorities have been losing sleep.

Many of them are rushing out of the two English-speaking regions to seek accommodation in Yaoundé or Douala, far away from the threats of brave Southern Cameroonian fighters who have reiterated their willingness to enforce the death penalty.

In Mamfe, the Mamfe rural council is witnessing a decline in the number of people who come to work. The presence of Victor Mengot Arrey Nkongho, the minister in charge of special duties at the Presidency, in Mamfe  this week to drum up support for corrupt CPDM candidates has brought more trouble to the town.

Southern Cameroonian fighters who have been observing a unilateral truce have decided to clean up their weapons so as to remind any corrupt officials that they are ready and willing to implement the death penalty issued by the USA-based Interim Government in 2017.

But it is in Kumba that the fear of the death penalty is greater. The CPDM delegation led by the corrupt Nalova Lyonga and puffy jaws Peter Mafany Musonge could only end in Buea as they were all scared of going to Kumba where the death penalty could be easily enforced. 

For the chiefs and fons who have taken money from the Yaoundé government, theirs is the kingdom of death. Southern Cameroonian fighters are on their trail and if they don’t drop off that money bag, then they may only have to explain to their ancestors why the left this planet in a haste.

Many families are still crying their loved ones and nobody in their right mind in Southern Cameroons will welcome any corrupt chiefs or fons. A corrupt traditional leader is as bad as a bad tooth that needs to be yanked very fast if the mouth must know some peace.

The oppressor cannot succeed if he does not have traitors and accomplices among the oppressed. In Southern Cameroons’ case, some chiefs, fons, ministers, mayors, senators, councils and others are the accomplices who have opted to bring pain and suffering to their people.

According to a Southern Cameroonian fighter who elected anonymity, these government accessories do not deserve to be in Southern Cameroons. They have lost their places and they clearly belong to the past.

“We cannot continue to live with these enablers. They are infidels who have decided to pollute our people’s lives. We should be taking them out one after the other to ensure that the Yaoundé government does not have accomplices among us,” he said.

“We have lost many of our people because these scums have betrayed us. We should be implementing this phase of our strategy before the years runs out. The time is now and we must make December a memorable month for the families of these people who think that they can always manipulate our people,” he stressed.

“These wretches will never walk freely on our land until our leader, Julius Ayuk Tabe, and others are set free. Our people in Manyu have succeeded to make the place ungovernable for chiefs like George TabeTando of Bachou Ntai, Edward Ako of Ossing and Ayuk Hope who fled his village over night because he could not pay an Amba levy of CFAF 1,000,000. He has been duly advised not to return and will be buried wherever he dies,” he stressed.

“This Christmas period will surely not be a good one for some families of those traitors who are hiding in Yaoundé. We have succeeded to send them into exile and they will never return to our land with their stolen wealth to tell lies to our people in the name of election campaigns,” he said.

“We are prepared to send a strong message to the enemy. We have acquired new weapons and these weapons are designed to bring death and destruction to those who have betrayed us. We are keeping an eye on those who will participate in the scam the Yaoundé government calls regional election. Blood will flow and many tears will fill our rivers and streams that are drying up,” he concluded.

While the international community might be assuming that the current lull may be the beginning of the end of the war, it must understand that things are deteriorating and many people in the country’s two English-speaking regions are still living rough.

The killing is going on and many people are still fleeing the English-speaking regions because of the intermittent and bloody violence.

The world must stop being a spectator in a game that has left many dead and displaced. More than half a million Southern Cameroonians are internally displaced, with over 300,000 thousand seeking refuge in Nigeria.

With the fighters threatening brimstone, it is clear that the days ahead will be bloody.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai in the United Kingdom and Rita Akana in Yaoundé