Southern Cameroons: Fon of Akum dies aged 89 0

Fon George Ngwashi Ndikum II, the Fon of the Akum Kingdom in the North West region of Cameroon has died.

The Fon 89 was the leader of North West’s Akum ethnic group and an influential traditional ruler.

The Fon ruled the Akum Kingdom popularly known as “Small London,” for 66 years.

His Majesty Fon George Ndikum II of Akum was enthroned on January 7, 1958. He successfully kept the originality of the rich Akum culture throughout his reign.

The Akum Palace has reportedly thanked the people of Cameroon for their continued prayers and support in this most difficult time.

Yaoundé has not commented on whether Fon Ndikum will be accorded a state funeral – normally reserved for states men and political leaders.

He will lie in state in the royal palace beside the Santa Motor Park, about 15km from Bamenda according to family sources.

Throughout his 66 year-reign he was a strong advocate for preserving the Akum cultural identity.

By Soter Agbaw-Ebai with files