Southern Cameroons: Prof Anyangwe says internal revolutionary issues solvable through conversations 0

Renowned Southern Cameroons academic Prof Carlson Anyangwe says dialogue among Ambazonia front line leaders and groups is the best solution to the existing problems deep within the struggle.

Anyangwe made the comments in a Wednesday telephone conversation with Cameroon Concord News London bureau chief Asu Isong, during which the veteran Southern Cameroons leader called for increased cooperation between the Ambazonia Interim Government of Vice President Dabney Yerima and other Southern Cameroons restoration groups.

During the conversation, the much respected Prof Carlson Anyangwe emphasized that all restoration forces both in the diaspora and in Ground Zero should rally behind Comrade Dabney Yerima and that internal revolutionary issues can be solved through dialogue.

The presence of too many groups is making a mockery of the struggle. It is high time Southern Cameroonians stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the group with the majority following-which is the Dabney Yerima led Interim Government. Rallying behind Yerima cannot be interpreted as weak! It is what the people of Southern Cameroons need right now as the enemy and its backers are relying on military and financial power,” Anyangwe said.

Professor Carlson Anyangwe stressed that management of the Southern Cameroons struggle is not the same as managing the Federal Republic Ambazonia as an independent state.

Consequently, all genuine restoration groups must read from the same resistance script as the jailed leaders and rally behind Yerima through common thinking and self defense actions,” Anyangwe furthered.

Confirming Vice President Dabney Yerima recent remarks in which he condemned the crimes committed by the Biya Francophone regime in Yaoundé, Carlson Anyangwe described the long marginalization and oppression of the Ambazonian people by evil French Cameroun as a bitter reality and a blow to the Commonwealth of Nations and the African Union.

In the face of these French Cameroun crimes, our suffering peoples in Ground Zero and Ground One expects us in the diaspora to take collective and unified action instead of wasting time on social media trying to demonstrate that this or that group is stronger than the other,” Anyangwe noted.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai