Southern Cameroons War: Shocking photos show systematic humiliation of Ambazonians by BIR soldiers 0

Several members of the Cameroon government elite force, the Rapid Intervention Battalion, BIR deployed to Southern Cameroons are posting disturbing photos on their face book pages on the humiliation they are meting out to Southern Cameroons young men and women. The BIR soldiers from the Beti Ewondo clan in the Central Region are also observing that it is fun time with Ambazonian detainees.  However, what they are showing doesn’t exactly match the international community’s idea of fun.

Cameroon Intelligence Report’s Kingsley Betek covering the crisis in Southern Cameroons noted that the photos posted by French Cameroun army soldiers were shot during the recent lockdown ordered by the Ambazonian Interim Government.  One of the Francophone soldiers who spoke to our correspondent in Molyko, Buea but sued for anonymity said he has realized that what Defense Minister Joseph Beti Assomo told them to do in English speaking Cameroon is wrong. He further observed that many of his Francophone colleagues who have been killing innocent Southern Cameroonian civilians have private videos of the atrocities but were unsure of how to release them without being arrested by the Biya regime.

The photos show the systematic humiliation of innocent Southern Cameroons civilians in the hands of French Cameroun soldiers. The French Cameroun military abuse is physical mental and emotional. “In my eyes, the suffering that the Cameroon army has put on our Anglophone brothers and sisters is complete and total” noted a young Francophone commander who was recently withdrawn from Southern Cameroons and deployed to the Far North region. He added that “Anglophone public anger should not be directed towards the soldiers but towards President Biya and the ruling CPDM that trained them.”

According to Kingsley Betek, all the photos released this week by Francophone army soldiers of the Rapid Intervention Battalion were taken in both the Northern and the Southern Zones of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai