Supreme Court President says Cameroun has failed under Biya 0

The President of the Supreme Court of Cameroun, Lord Justice Daniel Mekobe Sone used the solemn sitting of the judicial recess on February 22nd 2017 and gave a shot at the ills that have rocked the Cameroonian society under Paul Biya. In accordance with article 33 of the law of December 29th determining the organization and functioning of the highest court in the land, Lord Justice Mekobe wondered aloud if Cameroun is governed by the rule of law.

The Supreme Court president avoided statements on the arrest of Lord Justice Ayah Paul Abine and observed that Cameroun was facing an intolerable drift in the rule of law. To illustrate his message that the nation has failed, Lord Justice Daniel Mekobe Sone cited as an example, “people beaten at public places for robbery, the triumph of popular justice, inflation of crapulous crimes, ritual crimes directly or indirectly attributed to individuals suspected of witchcraft, the example of employees who hold their employers hostage in the enterprise, the populations of our villages who barricade roads to claim payment of their compensation, the landlord who remove windows of their tenants, the attitude of some teachers who desert classrooms or amphitheatres to demand improvement in their working conditions or the response to their various demands and the media lynching of honest citizens.

Daniel Mekobe Sone issued the normal CPDM statement that Cameroon remains a state of law. Critics of the speech said the Supreme Court president is a toothless bulldog that barks but cannot bite and that Lord Justice Mekobe is just another ordinary Biya appointee.

Culled from Cameroon Intelligence Report