The AGC, the Audit Report and the Dublin Declaration: What the timing reveal 0

Cameroon Concord News Group has persistently warned Southern Cameroonians in ground zero and in the diaspora that Cho Ayaba and his AGC recently rebranded AgovC constitute a serious threat to the Southern Cameroons liberation quest. His every action in the struggle justifies this.  His most recent actions among many elevates this warning to an emergency.

The so-called Dublin Declaration calling for armed attacks in French Cameroun and the persistent call by Cho Ayaba and his surrogates for the release of the audit report conducted on the orders of the Interim Government are matters which Ambazonians in ground zero and in the diaspora must consider with great suspicion.  These actions are intended to help the enemy. They are not intended to contribute to the self-defence efforts for the liberation of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia from the terrorist genocide war of French Cameroun.

Cameroon Concord News Group strongly urges the Restoration Council of the Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia for the purposes of mitigating the damage intended by Cho Ayaba, to withhold the public release of the audit report that was submitted recently by the Interim President Samuel Sako. The Interim Government should distance itself from the Dublin Declaration and the planned attacks against targets in French Cameroun.

Attacking targets in French Cameroun may be used to transpose French Cameroun teleguided attacks, the actions of Boko Haram, French Cameroun opposition and insider attacks as attacks by the liberation forces of Ambazonia. Atanga Nji and the criminal government of French Cameroun, will organize targeted attacks against French Cameroun civilian population, protected settlements such as schools, palaces, markets, museums and hospitals and blame on the restoration forces. All they needed was this public announcement by Cho Ayaba that the attacks will be carried out by Southern Cameroons liberation forces under his command. Whether he in fact carries out the attacks will not matter. They just need this announcement to do the rest in order to criminalise all our restoration forces and inviting the international community to characterise them as terrorists, which they are not, French Cameroun has an extraordinary propaganda capacity by themselves and their lobbies abroad to rely on the Dublin Declaration to mount this campaign.   Cho Ayaba will not be targeted as indeed he has not been targeted at any time by French Cameroun and its agents, even though his actions have been acted upon by French Cameroun to target many who are in the diaspora legitimately exercising their protected rights to mount a defence of their ancestral fatherland, their civilian population and their freedom afforded by international law.

A key strategy by French Cameroun in the war of genocide against Southern Cameroons is the targeting of the civilian population and foreigners within the territory of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.  This strategy has backfired partly because the United States whose forces are in North French Cameroun supporting the multinational force against Boko Haram has through its independent intelligence gathering capability monitored the crimes committed by French Cameroun terrorist forces against Ambazonians and foreigners among whom are missionaries.  Providing a public open cheque admitting in advance crimes committed within the enemy scheme to criminalize the legitimate war of self-defence by the restoration forces of Ambazonia is indeed reckless.  Lest we forget, French Cameroun is a territory where the multinational forces are conducting legitimate internationally sanctioned military operations against Boko Haram and international terrorism.  Interjecting into the Ambazonia liberation struggle within this sphere, will bring negative focus on the Ambazonia armed struggle.  It ill subsumes the Ambazonia liberation struggle into a French Cameroun internal security problem rather than and Ambazonia problem which is an international problem for which there is overwhelming international support for all-inclusive negotiation without pre-conditions with international participation.  The Dublin Declaration aims at changing the nature of the conflict. Who stands to gain with the new factor and dynamic introduced by Cho Ayaba?  The answer is that the enemy stands to gain. As if the killing of the military commanders of Ambazonia defence units fighting against the enemy French Cameroun terrorist forces is not enough, Cho Ayaba wants to provide the enemy with a defence which it sought unsuccessfully to make through the Bangorain staged attacked.

While in warfare, taking out enemy operational, support, strategic and tactical command capability, even in its own territory may be legitimate. But then these are often done in covert operations. This is not what Ayaba intends to do with his Dublin Declaration. Making this public as Cho Ayaba has done is wholly intended to propagate the strategy which the enemy is relying on him to subvert the legitimate self-defence liberation efforts of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.The enemy strategy through Ayaba is unfolding in through the Dublin Declaration.

Also, Ayaba and his surrogates over the past several months embarked on a social media campaign of blackmail to force the IG to release a legitimate audit that was conducted furtherance to the Ambazonia quest for accountability.  The clear intention by Cho Ayaba and his surrogates was to ride on the popular request for accountability made in good faith by Cameroon Concord News Group and a sizeable component of the Ambazonia people in furtherance of the accountability quest. Cameroon Concord News Group wants to place it on record, that the aims of Cho Ayaba and reneged forces in seeking the release of the audit now is not for the public good.  He and his surrogates never recognized the IG and never contributed to the treasury whose audit they are requesting.   His intentions on the release of the budget report, the so-called Dublin Declaration judged against his destabilizing actions in ground zero, as a matter of urgency, strongly call for the audit report not be released now. That will not be in the public good nor that of the liberation war of self- defence. He and renegade forces will use it to undermine the self-defence war efforts, the county by county and local government by local government defence strategy and discourage diaspora, ground zero and international support for our refugees, our internally displaced and our ground zero self-defence operations.

The timing of the Dublin Declaration and the seeking of the release of the audit report to discredit the IG no matter how sincere and forthright the audit report may be, at a time when international action is closing in on French Cameroun is highly suspicious.  Coming at a time when every lie told by French Cameroun against the restoration forces of Ambazonia have been exposed, the public declaration through the so-called Dublin Declaration and attempts to blackmail and weaken the IG are a welcome relief to French Cameroun criminal government and its terrorist armed forces.  This strategic change of policy that benefits the enemy must be opposed vigorously.

The question which must be asked is why now?  Why now when the international community is putting the required pressure on French Cameroun sinking crime syndicate?   Why validate the abduction and extermination of thousands of internally displaced Ambazonians seeking refuge within vulnerable French Cameroun civilian areas who will be falsely accused for the actions of Ayaba, Atanga Nji and members of the crime syndicate?  Why now that French Cameroun has failed to paint the restoration forces as terrorists and has been forced to call Ambazonia liberators simply as separatists, a tacit recognition of the liberation rationale for the self-defence war of independence?  Why now, when Ayaba has a legitimate option to attack and take out the occupation war loot of French Cameroun within the territory of Ambazonia and has failed to do instead resorting to kidnapping and taking ransoms or killing liberation forces and commanders in ground zero?

Over the past fifty-seven years, French Cameroun and its colonial administrators, military commanders and politicians through extortion, claimed Ambazonia prized lands, farms, natural resources and built mansions and businesses in every county of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.  Why not join the rest of the restoration forces to take out the stolen resources, investments and wealth and weaken the enemy rather than stretch limited war resources to attack targets in French Cameroun when the resources of colonial rule are within Ambazonia?

The problem with Ayaba and other renegade forces within Ambazonia is greed. Prior to this stage of the revolution the struggle stagnated because rather than mobilizing the diaspora resources to liberate Ambazonia, Cho Ayaba and many others who are opposed to new ideas and leaders in the liberation struggle exploited them for personal gain.  This is one reason why the same diaspora who were exploited through the asylum process have rejected these same so-called front-line leaders exploiting the self-defence struggle for personal gain.

Most Ambazonians agree with Cameroon Concord News Group that a cancer that has afflicted the struggle for many years was the commercialisation of the struggle for pecuniary interest through the asylum process, even though most Ambazonians who fled the homeland had legitimate fears of persecution and harm to their precious lives.   For his more than two decades in Europe, Cho Ayaba sustained himself on exploiting the asylum vulnerabilities of Ambazonia victims fleeing from the murderous colonial rule of French Cameroun.  This cancer ran so deep in many of the so-called frontline leaders of the Ambazonia independence struggle to the extent that with the advent of a new dawn of the Ambazonia popular revolution, they have vigorously resisted the emergence of the new leadership outside the cancerous cartel as a threat to their pecuniary interests. The time to shred pecuniary interests to unite to confront a common enemy is now.

Cameroon Concord News Group called out to Acting Interim President Samuel Sako to step-down due to what Cameroon Concord News Group identified as his ineffective leadership in some areas. That call was not intended to be abused or misinterpreted to support a misdirected campaign to subvert the cause. It was done in good faith.  Cameroon Concord News Group called for full accountability of the IG for the purpose of public interest.  That action is expected by all democratic governments.  Ambazonians have a culture of accountability which that call echoed.  Cameroon Concord News Group is pleased that its call and that of many Ambazonians was heeded to and an audit was conducted as the IG promised.  Cameroon Concord News Group hopes that this audit should be a first step to reforming the IG and the restoration council for the purpose of strengthening it to carry out urgent ground zero operations, protection and sustaining our refugee population and diplomatic initiatives.

Cameroon Concord News Group is strongly opposed to renegade forces and French Cameroun riding on these citizen requests for an audit to harm the cause.  Classified information of an operational and diplomatic nature should not be provided to hostile forces through an unrestrained public disclosure of the audit report now.   Cameroon Concord News Group also urges Ambazonians and friends of Ambazonians worldwide to reject and distance themselves from the announced Dublin Declaration which plays into the enemy strategy. The Dublin Declaration and pressure to release the audit report to the public now are aimed at feeding the enemy with the ammunitions to delegitimize the Ambazonia war of liberation and subvert international support and efforts to protect and free Ambazonia. It undermines worldwide campaigns to hold the crime syndicate in French Cameroun to account in an international criminal court and targeted sanctions. Cameroon Concord News Group calls on Ambazonians to choose their priorities and timing wisely and to build on the many diplomatic and ground zero successes to expedite the movement to Buea and a free homeland. For this to occur, Ambazonians should rise to the occasion and contribute massively to match their comment to the unfolding international and ground zero response to their just cause. Let all remember that timing in every revolution is crucial to positive outcomes.  The time is now to make the final push.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai