The deformation of the PCC: The Theology of Rev Fonki Samuel Forba 0

My fellow Presbyterians of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon ( PCC) ,

“Fear Not for I am with thee” Isaiah 41: 10

“Do not be afraid” Jeremiah 1: 8

Moderator Fonki Samuel and his gang inside the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon ( PCC) have deformed the church and transformed it into a dent of thieves. They have no mercy ,no compassion and no care at all but I say to all of you  fear not!

These are Pastors who have declared war against Widows, Primary School Teachers, Senior Citizens and Children living in poverty and oppression. Their cries for mercy and compassion felt on deaf ears over the years. The outcome has been violence- war and killings of people under the watch of Rev Fonki Samuel and his Synod Executive Committee.  “It shall not be so amongst you.”

Still I am delighted to write to all of you to encourage one another during this long journey to defend the PCC and uphold the “Presbyterian belief” which by all account was inspired by the theology of John Calvin based on the biblical covenant of faith in Jesus Christ.

The pride and image of a Presbyterian Christian is determined by their understanding of grace, faith, justification/ sanctification, social justice and salvation through Jesus Christ per the theology of John Calvin.

In 2 Corinthians 5: 19, God is in Jesus Christ reconciling the world to Himself and caring for those in need Matthew 25: 35- 45. God was not in Christ persecuting and exploiting Christians and marginalizing.

Therefore, any church or Pastor who persecutes God’s people does not belong to the covenant of faith. These are the types to be purged from the Church. It should not be the other way around.  There comes a time when we have to stop wickedness and evil because it is incumbent upon us.

As Christ followers ,  ✝️ we must sing this song ” Onwards Christian Soldiers  marching as to war with the cross of Jesus going on before.”

Many of you Elders, Teachers and Widows and Pastors have cried  out  to me to help advocate for the powerless( Teachers, widows, children and Seniors) all of whom are being scammed by the PCC authorities under the Hitler of the Presbyterian Church,  Moderator Rev Fonki Samuel.

This time will be very different than 24 years ago. Let me put things into proper perspective  so that  everyone can  see where they belong even if that is against their will. Many of you who are familiar with my “craziness” know when God calls me to act , I never say NO.

I am fully aware that the PCC is divided into two camps and these divisions are nourished by a carefully crafted propaganda machine of lies, manipulation and persecution of innocent Presbyterians. These two camps are as follows ;

1. Presbyterians who are loyal to Moderator Fonki Samuel Forba orchestrated by a greedy  business- minded  Synod Executive  secretly  privatizing the PCC and profiting off the sweat and tears of mothers ,children and teachers.

2. Presbyterians who are loyal to  Jesus Christ and the authoritative  word of God as reflected by the theology of John Calvin. These Presbyterians see the PCC as a community of faithful stakeholders saved by Grace and justified by faith.

So I already  know that I am speaking to two categories of Presbyterians here because whatever the Fonki loyalists are doing ,  it is important they realize that  we know what has been going on  since  he began his theology of deformation of the PCC .

I will not repeat myself because I have spoken for the powerless  Presbyterians Moderator Fonki Samuel has intentionally trampled upon and discarded them by his own  ruthless  and  insensitive corrupt policies of marginalization

I have watched Moderator Fonki minister only to his loyalists, rewarded them and covered up for them even when they were damn wrong. I have seen it all.

He had only one objective to deal only with a select few who would allow him to have access to money at will without transparency and accountability.

Therefore, his trips overseas was designed to promote Fonki and build an empire for himself, his family, friends  and his loyalists at home and abroad. He has never been out to promote Presbyterians and enhance the dignity of all Presbyterians. No effort is even met to help.

Moderator Fonki Samuel and his loyalists have become the wealthy Presbyterians overnight moving rapidly from rags into riches since they deformed responsible Christian stewardship into Fonki plundering machine (stealing, theft and embezzlement).

I do not anticipate Fonki’s loyalists to insult us  as usual telling us  to toe the line or leave . I hope that we do not have to endure one more insult again because the times have changed.  Jeremiah exalts us to uproot evil if necessary.

The reign of tyranny in the PCC perpetuated by Moderator Rev Fonki Samuel is compounded by the reign of terror Presbyterians and co have endured with the exception of the few loyalists.

So how do we preserve the PCC and stop Moderator Rev Fonki Samuel and his gang? I have some ideas to propose to all responsible Presbyterians in my next edition.

Also all concerned Presbyterians are free to send me your ideas on how we should move forward. You can email or contact me on whatsup. I want to assure you that your name will be kept private because  the Hitler of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon drunk with greed ,power and wicked  is dangerous and we will not allow them to  hurt  or destroy  the lives of more Presbyterians. However,  do not be afraid to send any information that will help  me to go after them  here in the USA.

This is my contact

Brother Jonathan Awasom

 Email :

Whatsup number  12018785829

Facebook: Jonathan Awasom

Jeremiah  1 : 1- 19

Do not be afraid of them, for I am with you and will rescue  you,” declares the Lord.

9 Then the Lord reached out his hand and touched  my mouth and said to me, “I have put my words in your mouth.10 See, today I appoint you over nations  and kingdoms to uproot and tear down, to destroy and overthrow, to build and to plant.” 

God bless you all.