The risks and consequences of personalising the Southern Cameroons Liberation Struggle 0

Cameroon Concord News Group is concerned that a warlord mentality by Cho Ayaba may derail the struggle to liberate the Federal Republic of Ambazonia. Ambazonians must reject it while there is time.

Cameroon Concord News Group has warned in the past that the actions of Cho Ayaba will hurt the liberation struggle; indeed, it might have already done so.  When this individual went to Dadi with a dubious entourage and took a video of our liberation fighters which he later released in the social media, the rationale was not to popularize the cause. That action and video was not intended indeed to support or advance the liberation struggle in any manner whatsoever. It was intended to massage his ego and to raise funds which were never ever accounted for. It was not to procure weapons to defend the territory of Dadi which was prior to his visit firmly under the control of our forces. It was about Cho Ayaba and Cho Ayaba’s ego alone, and his unquenchable zeal to raise funds for which he has never ever given account to anyone. The consequences of that selfish conduct are known to everyone. The enemy attacked and has occupied the territory ever since.

Cho Ayaba’s social media video provided him a code-name for his financial campaign “Dschang Shoe” funding and a target for French Cameroun genocide marauding vampires.  The results we know are that Cho Ayaba raised funds for himself through that mischievous social media video campaign but failed to provide the logistics and arms for our Amba self defence fighters to defend themselves, our women, men and children who were slaughtered, raped or disappeared.  A few weeks after Cho Ayaba’s selfish mischievous act, French Cameroun genocide squads conducted a media campaign of their own displaying their soldiers firmly in control of the territory which had hitherto been firmly in control of Ambazonia freedom fighters with fanfare and glee. Cho Ayaba did not respond to the assault by French Cameroun soldiers in Dadi and has never spoken about it ever since. He has never acted to secure Dadi from the enemy. Indeed, he abandoned Dadi and our liberation fighters to fend for themselves, after using them to popularize himself and to solicit funds for himself. Rather, Cameroon Concord News Group and the public received information of Cho Ayaba scheming to get some of the commanders of the revolution arrested and to infiltrate and disorient self-defense operations which were carefully organized and executed by other liberation forces in other parts of the territory of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.  No General or Commander of a liberation army acts that way. Only warlords do. And this is very bad for a self-defense war of liberation like ours.

The recent extensive media outing organized and executed by Cho Ayaba with a foreign journalist of the military camps of Ambazonia liberation fighters was strategically, tactically and operationally reasons ill-conceived, mischievous and hurtful for many reasons. Cho Ayaba supporters argue that the purpose of that action was to popularize our cause.  This justification falls flat on the face and at least infantile and pedestrian.  The human calamity that the unprovoked war and genocide against the people of Ambazonia has been well-documented and made public to the international public opinion have popularized our cause and provided justification for our self-defense operations.  The enormity of the crimes committed against the civilian population of Ambazonia continues to taunt the conscience of humanity and a silent or complicit international community.  Ambazonia is a victim of international criminality by a consortium of mineral resources and oil and gas profiteers fronted by French Cameroun and led by France; now rejoined by Great Britain. French Cameroun in daylight armed robbery and corruption, once more sold the gas and oil reserves of Ambazonia to a British Oil Firm known for its extensive corrupt and criminal oil deals in African murderous criminal armed campaigns. This company is a well-known front for the funding of genocide, crimes against humanity and wars crimes in African conflicts.   There needed to be a substantial British economic interest justification for Britain to renew its support for France and French Cameroun in their genocide of the Southern Cameroons-Ambazonia.  This criminal oil and gas deal meets that requirement.

Prior to allowing a British firm to enter that deal, the British military intelligence and the French military intelligence used satellite and technical intelligence to conduct reconnaissance of the war environment and territory.  The journalist allowed into the self-defense forces camps by Cho Ayaba and his supporters, merely provided physical field and war environmental information to fit the pieces of the puzzle of their critical assessment of our self-defense sustainability, viability and capability.  For this reason, Cho Ayaba and his supporters provided our adversaries once more, the human and tactical intelligence to analyze and deploy appropriate resources to destabilize our self-defense capability.  French Cameroun is a well-known manipulator of technical and technological evidence.  When next they will come out with the very information provided by Cho Ayaba in his misadventure with the French journalist, we may not have the means and resources to counter the perversion of this interview.  This interview will surely come up at a moment and purpose which Cho Ayaba did not contemplate; just as that of Dadi.  And once more, he will be incapable or unwilling to come out forcefully as good commanders do to caution the effect of his misjudgment and misadventure. Some of Cho Ayaba’s internet supporters argued that the journalist was screened prior to being granted access. What about the media houses and interests he represented?  How about them? Cameroon Concord News Group begs to ask. What is their proximity to our adversaries in this struggle?

A war environment is not a movie. This documentary misrepresents the Ambazonia liberation struggle in many regards which Cameroon Concord News Group does will not elucidate her and does a disservice to Ambazonia self-defence operations.  This misrepresentation is not healthy for the cause for which Ambazonians have sacrificed so much already. In liberation war where there are a multiplicity of self-defense forces operating in the occupied territory, there must be sound, credible and reliable intelligence sharing by the different units in and out of the theatre of operations.  Bringing in foreign journalists without briefing other fighting forces may not be healthy for the cause.

Cameroon Concord News Group has on many occasions emphatically advised that every army defines the enemy it embarked in a war to confront. The definition of the enemy is the most closely guarded secret by the High Command of armies the world over. French Cameroun’s definition of the enemy as all Ambazonians did not respect this military tradition. Paul Biya in his declaration of war against the Federal Republic of Ambaznia identified the enemy as all Ambazonians.  The scourge earth military campaign conducted by his army under his command and supervision attests to this. That is the reason why it has targeted Ambazonia civilian settlements and civilians for slaughter and genocide.

The interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia was wise in seeking for a united command of the Ambazonia Self-Defense forces to put in place a coherent, professional, safe intelligence, logistical, tactical and operational strategies to enable our self-defense forces carryout successful self-defense campaigns. That intention is to allow our forces to launch military campaigns that enable our forces to capture and keep our territory from French Cameroun military.  The individualization of self-defense military “attack and withdraw” tactics favoured by Cho Ayaba will hardly take us to Buea.  It is the concerted effort of all self-defense forces, no matter under whose command where the sharing critical intelligence with high mobility, well-motivated and supported actions that bring victory, inflict the maximum casualties on the enemy and force them to surrender or to withdraw to their territory of French Cameroun.  The collaborative efforts of all the fighting forces will lead to a coherent and secured definition of the enemy in a manner to help Ambazonians to know and take the enemy and all the structures contributing to its war efforts out of our way to Buea.

Cameroon Concord News Group strongly opines that the definition of the enemy must include all the structures that are helping the enemy in its war effort against the people and territory of Ambazonia. This includes the economic life-line of the enemy, its operations aimed at rapping the economy of Ambazonia, Ambazonian collaborators and infiltrators recruited by French Cameroun to obtain human intelligence against Ambazonia self-defense forces.  An Ambazonia citizen like George Tabatando who publicly confessed that he and Musonge appealed to Paul Biya to place an internet ban on the territory of Ambazonia with the grave consequences that are well-known to the world, is an enemy and must be defined as such.  Cameroon Concord News Group notes that Peter Mafany Musonge denied his complicity in that crime.

Cameroon Concord News Group cautions that in a defining moment of genocide of Ambazonia, self-massaging actions may indeed blur the focus of the revolution.  Dr Ebenezar Akwanga for example has self-defense forces in ground zero but there is never a time he has substituted focus on ground zero actions with his image. This is because through his own victimization, he knows the enemy well. Like the Interim Government, he knows that self-defense operations in a military environment where the enemy is constantly assisted by technical intelligence from France and its oil and natural resources operators within the territory of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia and the Gulf Guinea requires a considerable level of tactical and strategic planning and intelligence gathering. You do not expose your military operational units for the enemy to analyze.  No reasonable commander exposes his operational and logistical base for strategic analysis. No reasonable commander exposes the logistics available to his operational forces, the training tactics, and command structure and instructions to the enemy under the pretext of internationalizing the struggle. The field operations and results internationalize the campaign than journalistic shows. The gun and gun alone, responding to the enemy sends world media frenzy and nothing else.  There must be significant elements of surprise and mystery in the capacity and operational capacity of fighting forces. The Cho Ayaba strategy hurts the cause in this and other regards.

Luckily, his strategy does not indeed represent the tactical, strategic and operational capability of the Ambazonia Self-Defense Forces who in their majority are now operating in all parts of the territory of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia in urban and rural areas.

Cameroon Concord News Group strongly advised Cho Ayaba and some of his social media supporters to desist from these hurtful self-seeking strategies which have impacted the self-defense combat operations negatively.   Cho Ayaba should seek counsel from military strategists on how to conduct himself in a war situation like ours where there is a multiplicity of forces with distinct commands fighting for the same cause.  If his outing did not hurt his fighting units, it potentially hurt some others who were conducting their operations without knowledge of his media activity. Intelligence sharing, and some form of command co-ordination sought by the interim government will harmonize ground zero operations in a manner that fortify and not weaken out self-defense operations. Let this mistake be averted. Reason and the circumstances of this war require concerted action and not individualized self-seeking actions.

To This I Put My Name

Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai