Why would Francophones burn almost 250 Anglophone villages and are still burning more yet pretending to call for disarmament 0

Southern Cameroonians, I shall never stop reminding us, Southern Cameroonians what would happen should we surrender. Mind you that our boys called Amba boys have killed many French Cameroonians. Those killed are fathers, husbands, wives, mothers, uncles, etc to French Cameroon citizens. If we surrender, French Cameroon will say “Never Again”. How will never again be accomplished: they will make sure not one Southern Cameroonian on GZ shall live again to invoke this scene in the future.

 If the media is telling lies now, it would not need to tell any lie because there will be no need. The would have been fed up with people who were at the verge of getting their freedom but gave it up for stupidity or cowardice. Let me cite a true story: a Nigerian couple in the US, broke off; after some time the woman traveled to Nigeria. On her return, she called her mother requesting to be picked up at the airport; the mother who had reconciled with her son-in-law, sent the son-in-law to pick up the daughter who was the son-in-law estranged wife. The son-in-law went and picked up the ex-wife but instead of taking her to her home, he took her to his home and slaughtered her. I pray Southern Cameroonians don’t make that mistake. It would be the worst mistake ever made by a group of people.

 French Cameroon soldiers are still killing Southern Cameroonians civilians as I write. If people can go to a hospital and drag a wounded figher, pick up a baby and throw in a boiling pot of oil, break doors, meet an old woman and shoot her to kill her, etc those are not the type of people you want to reconcile and want to leave with them. God forbid, we accept to return to live with them, there will be total and complete Genocide! In the next two decades, there will be no Southern Cameroonian and no more English language in Cameroon. These actions will be silently implemented.

 No Southern Cameroonian in diaspora would ever step their foot in the Republic of Cameoon. Some people will classify me as a hard liner. Tell me if I am wrong, why would they burn almost 250 villages and are still burning more yet pretending to call for disarmament. Their soldiers parading the villages, towns and cities well armed to shoot and kill? Federalists and unionists shall not be spared in the massacre. Anything Southern Cameroon will be eliminated and French Cameroonians come over and take the land. After all, they have always considered us Biafrans who came and took their land. This struggle must be executed to its logical end – Restoration of Southern Cameroon independence. NO MORE NO LESS.