Will Biya and his CPDM crime syndicate survive coronavirus? 0

Cash Trapped. Worsening tribal tensions, frightening divisions among Cameroon government army soldiers and domestic discontent. An unending Boko Haram and Southern Cameroons crisis. Huge security challenges in the East Region coming from the breakdown of law and order in the Central African Republic.

To be sure, even before Cameroon announced its first coronavirus case, the CPDM government was struggling under the weight of political and economic problems that are increasingly undermining the integrity of the Francophone dominated regime in Yaoundé.

With the coming of the coronavirus, Cameroon Concord News Group can now reveal that matters have become much, much worse for President Biya and his gang — so much so that the 87 year old shamefully accepted to be quarantined at his palace in Mvomeka’a. That is because, for the French Cameroun ailing leaders: Biya, Niat, Cavaye, coronavirus represents a true game changer in the French Cameroun political story and its very unholy marriage with Southern Cameroons.

The butcher of Yaoundé and his acolytes are presently facing an improbable occurrence that no one in their corrupt circle predicted, but which now has profound and potentially catastrophic consequences. This is what coronavirus is for Biya and his Francophone dominated French Cameroun regime.

The CPDM problems start with the failing health of French Cameroun’s ruling elites. Frankly speaking, the so-called members of the CPDM political bureau or better still the upper echelons of the French Cameroun leadership are overwhelmingly aging and infirm, and there are fears that coronavirus may exact a deadly toll on this cohort.

Cameroon Concord News Group understands the 80 year old National Assembly Speaker, Cavaye Djibril was part of an Air France flight declared to be high risk by the medical authorities of the Yaoundé Nsimalen international airport. Cavaye Yeguie Djibril deliberately confused parliamentary immunity with sanitary immunity by rushing to the national assembly and attended 2 plenary sessions.

Yaoundé has been maintaining a kind of silence of the lamb on the Cavaye Djibril coronavirus issue but information has filtered out that the regime is moving towards the quarantine of the 167 MPs currently in the lower house of parliament as it was revealed Cavaye Djibril had caused significant contamination in the nation’s capital after he came in contact with hundreds of people immediately after he was reelected as speaker.

Last week, Cameroon Intelligence Report Yaoundé city correspondent revealed that coronavirus had afflicted more than two dozen members of the National Assembly and at least nine top figures of the Biya regime. This figure reportedly expanded significantly and prompted President Biya to abandoned government business in Yaoundé and moved to his Mvomeka’a palace immediately after a meeting with the American ambassador.

To date, the coronavirus is yet to claim the lives of any senior official of the Biya Francophone regime but it can certainly be expected in coming days as measures put in place by Chief Dion Ngute, the so-called Prime Minister and Head of Government has greatly helped in exposing French Cameroun’s ruling  elite as incompetent and out of touch. Biya and his men are now in the throes of a profound political, security and health crises with no ability to contain the spread of the virus and only fostering complicity in increasing its true scope to get money from the World Health Organization.

The number of currently reported Cameroonian cases of the disease is likely a gross overestimate. Given the Biya regime’s long history of collecting and misappropriating funds from the World Health Organization, people in the know in Yaoundé and Douala say that the real number of coronavirus cases in Cameroon might actually be orders of a lower than a higher magnitude.

The regime in Yaoundé has done its utmost to increase the extent of the crisis now ravaging the international community. But videos and social-media posts of thousands of Cameroonians enjoying themselves and trading in the streets throughout the country, have painted a very different picture to the European Union and the World Health Organization.

But coronavirus isn’t just a political challenge for President Biya. It’s also a major blow to the notion that he is a demigod. Biya now is even afraid to meet his own Secretary General at the presidency of the Republic, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh and his Minister of Defense, Joseph Beti Assomo. State secrets are now being discussed via a telephone communication network they never trusted.

The movement of people in the Douala and Yaoundé metropolis even after a lockdown was announced and business going on as usual throughout the national territory has very much highlighted the disconnect between the Biya CPDM establishment and the rest of the population. It is evidently clear that Biya is no longer in control of the nation.

Will President Biya and his Francophone Beti Ewondo regime survive the current crisis intact? Like previous ones, it might. But with oil and gas no longer what the West and China needs now, the coronavirus might end up accomplishing what years of pro-democracy actions could not: the collapse of the Biya Francophone Beti Ewondo regime in Yaoundé.

To this I put my name

Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai